MediaNews Group’s Daily News, based in Menlo Park, is hoping to beef up its online presence with unpaid local bloggers. An editor’s note from Mario Dianda says, “We are looking for people who like to write about events in their community and aren’t afraid to stir the pot a bit to get the dialogue flowing. Though bloggers won’t be paid, they will be able to access the Community Media Lab we set up in our newsroom complete with Wi-Fi, desks and an always-brewing pot of coffee. All you have to do is blog about what matters most, whether it’s peewee sports, school matters, dearth of bicycle lanes or political correctness run amok.” Here’s a link if you want to apply.

Bay Area Media News


  1. So BANG is trying to muscle in on Patch's action except without paying the writers. Obviously, these folks haven't heard this rant from Harlan Ellison:

    Bloggers, however, are NOT journalist. It sullies the very profession that every Tom, Dick and Harry with a laptop and a wifi connection can be considered a journalist.

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