With the exception of Bill Wattenburg, the KGO-AM’s hosts fired Dec. 1 could be described as “left of center” or liberal. And that included Ray Taliferro, who held down the overnight shift for decades. Now in the overnight slot is a national program, “Red Eye Radio,” hosted by Gary McNamara and Eric Harley out of Dallas. They’re unabashed conservatives. Their show is carried on other Cumulus stations including WABC New York. When KGO was owned by ABC, Disney and Citadel, the conservative hosts were carried by sister station KSFO 560. But in the overnight slot, KSFO airs George Noory’s popular “Coast to Coast,” which delves into topics such as UFOs, mind-readers, psychics and calls about chemtrails (airline exhausts laced with mind-controlling drugs). KSFO veered away from its “hot talk” conservative format last year when it added syndicated talker John Bachelor in the 6-8 p.m. time slot. While Bachelor might be a conservative, his show features phone interviews with journalists of all political persuasions discussing international events.

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  1. This move to "conservative" is not surprising. Ray was getting an increasing amount of calls from immature right wing male hecklers. Ray and the other hosts who were terminated provided an authentic identify for KGO.

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