Among the 400 or so people arrested by Oakland Police on Saturday during the Occupy protest were six reporters — Vivian Ho of the Chronicle, Kristin Hanes of KGO Radio, John C. Osborn of East Bay Express, Yael Chanoff of the Bay Guardian, Gavin Aronsen of Mother Jones and freelancer Susie Cagle (a previous arrestee).

Aronsen, in his first hand account, points out that the arrests of reporters were a direct violation of the Oakland Police Department’s own media relations policy that states “media shall never be targeted for dispersal or enforcement action because of their status.”

Aronsen writes:

    As soon as it became clear that I would be kettled with the protesters, I displayed my press credentials to a line of officers and asked where to stand to avoid arrest. In past protests, the technique always proved successful. But this time, no officer said a word. One pointed back in the direction of the protesters, refusing to let me leave. Another issued a notice that everyone in the area was under arrest. 
    I wound up in a back corner of the space between the YMCA and a neighboring building, where I met Vivian Ho of the San Francisco Chronicle and Kristin Hanes of KGO Radio. After it became clear that we would probably have to wait for hours there as police arrested hundreds of people packed tightly in front of us, we maneuvered our way to the front of the kettle to display our press credentials once more. 
    When Hanes displayed hers, an officer shook his head. “That’s not an Oakland pass,” he told her. “You’re getting arrested.” (She had a press pass issued by San Francisco, but not Oakland, police.) Another officer rejected my credentials, and I began interviewing soon-to-be-arrested protesters standing nearby. About five minutes later, an officer grabbed my arm and zip-tied me. Around the same time, Ho — who did have official OPD credentials — was also apprehended.
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  1. So, one of the six `reporters' arrested is
    Yael Chanoff, who describes herself on her @yaelnc Twitter profile as "… hanging out at #occupysf" …", among other hobbies. Be honest, the Bay Area is saddled with 19-year-old blogging activists masquerading as journalists. That's why no one is paying attention. Just win a Superbowl or have an earthquake. Otherwise, stay on the porch because no one cares.

  2. How come the arrest of reporters isn't page 1 news in the Chronicle? How come it isn't on the 10 or 11 o'clock news? Where is Ronn Owens or Michael Krasny? This is fucking outrageous — and nobody in the mainstream media in SF is talking about it;

  3. Those "reporters" don't need to get so close to the Occupy Oakland activities. Their very presence may be aiding the crimes of those people and perhaps they should be arrested as accessories to the crimes.

    The reporters might serve a better purpose by doing some credible investigative journalism (if they know anything about journalism) about the qualifications of the Occupy Oakland organizers and protesters as any credible news organization might do in sizing up a political candiate. Who are those people and what do they know about the problems of our economy, job creation, and what it takes to bring home the bacon? Perhaps this website should present the journaism credentials of these reporters. Are they journalists or are they people who got a job for a media outfit and a press pass?

    These "journalists" look like the blind leading the blind in the contest of Occupy Oakland. Why don't these journalists chase after the gun toting criminals in Oakland who killed 5 people while police were occupied elsewhere? If they love to cover sensational crimes, let them go cover the real stuff.

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