Deirdre Hussey is no longer editor of The Examiner as a new owner makes changes at the free daily.

“Her institutional knowledge will be missed, but I think a fresh start and some fresh ideas in the Editor-in-Chief chair will be good,” Examiner President and Publisher Todd Vogt told the SF Weekly. “Everyone is personally sorry to see her go, but professionally, everyone agrees a change is welcomed,” he said.

Vogt said that after speaking to Hussey on Wednesday, the two decided to part ways effective immediately and she received “a nice severance,” according to the SF Weekly.

The Examiner hasn’t named Hussey’s replacement. In fact, the staff box in today’s (Feb. 3) edition still lists her as editor-in-chief.

Hussey was promoted to editor-in-chief in July 2010, succeeding Jim Pimentel. Hussey joined the Examiner in 2002 and and was north San Mateo County editor, city editor and assistant managing editor before being appointed managing editor in 2007.

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  1. The publisher/president/owner has created an environment of deception and mistrust and he's slowing eliminating the people not blowing smoke his way.

  2. Deirdre had class. Todd has no class. At his first general meeting with all staff on December 1 his first words were "I'll never lie to you". Having been there I can count at least 4 items he lied about. He has zilch, nada, no idea what he is doing. The outlook there is bleak.

  3. I worked for Deidre at the Examiner and have a lot of respect for her. She has high standards, tons of energy, and pushed people to do their best work. She led a small staff to put out a very solid product. Some of the more timid souls in the newsroom were intimidated, but she is just an old-fashioned, hard-driving newspaper editor. And she did much to boost morale — including those monthly staff awards and potlucks.
    Vogt appears clueless and classless. One of his first moves after buying the paper was to kick Deidre, the executive editor, out of her office and put her in a cubicle. His introductory editorial introducing himself as publisher read as if written by a child. He tells the staff he wants them to perform at 110 percent. Sorry, Todd. You pay for 100 percent, you get 100 percent. Demanding another 10 percent of work for free is a violation of federal and state wage law. See you in court, pal. The paper is already less ambitious than it was just a few months ago. Vogt has gutted the staff, but couldn't show Deidre the respect to send her on her way along with the rest of the departing group. Instead, he waited an extra week and singled her out. "Everyone agrees a change is welcomed." Who is everyone, Todd? You holding elections in the newsroom on whether the executive editor gets fired? Or is that the way you refer to yourself: President-Publisher-Everyone.
    I'm sorry, Deidre. You deserved much better than this.

  4. This is a good move for the Examiner. I worked for her and was put off by her high handedness. I think the whole newsroom had a difficult time with her. I realize that it's not easy being the editor, but she lacked the "people skills" necessary for the job. I'm hoping, though, that the new owners don't cut the newsroom to the bone. The Examiner is able to get a lot of stories the Chronicle misses.

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