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Hussey out as editor of the Examiner


Deirdre Hussey is no longer editor of The Examiner as a new owner makes changes at the free daily.

“Her institutional knowledge will be missed, but I think a fresh start and some fresh ideas in the Editor-in-Chief chair will be good,” Examiner President and Publisher Todd Vogt told the SF Weekly. “Everyone is personally sorry to see her go, but professionally, everyone agrees a change is welcomed,” he said.

Vogt said that after speaking to Hussey on Wednesday, the two decided to part ways effective immediately and she received “a nice severance,” according to the SF Weekly.

The Examiner hasn’t named Hussey’s replacement. In fact, the staff box in today’s (Feb. 3) edition still lists her as editor-in-chief.

Hussey was promoted to editor-in-chief in July 2010, succeeding Jim Pimentel. Hussey joined the Examiner in 2002 and and was north San Mateo County editor, city editor and assistant managing editor before being appointed managing editor in 2007.

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