The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club is adding its voice to those who have objected to the arrests of journalists at a Jan. 28 Occupy Oakland protest. The following is a letter the Press Club’s president, Marshall Wilson, has sent on behalf of the club’s board of directors.

    Bernie Lunzer President 
    The Newspaper Guild-CWA 
      To The Newspaper Guild-CWA, 
      The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club Board of Directors offers our support in the stand taken by the coalition of media groups against the treatment of journalists by Oakland police during Occupy Oakland protests, and during the Jan. 28 protest in particular, in which a number of credentialed journalists were detained and some arrested. 
      The Press Club believes such treatment of journalists is unacceptable and alarming. 
      Please let us know if there is a capacity in which you would like our assistance. We thank you for taking such a quick and united stand on behalf of local news media. 
      We have provided coverage of your stance on our blog.
      Marshall Wilson 
      President, Board of Directors 

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