Former Chronicle Editor Phil Bronstein and his wife Christine are on the witness list for the domestic violence trial of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. The Chron’s Matier & Ross report that the Bronsteins are acquainted with Mirkarimi’s neighbor, Ivory Madison, who shot video of the bruise on the arm of Mirkarimi’s wife, former Venezuelan telenovela star Eliana Lopez. Phone records show that Madison called the former Chronicle editor twice after the New Year’s Eve incident in which Mirkarimi allegedly injured his wife. M&R also say that Christine attended a fundraiser that Madison helped put on for Mirkarimi during the sheriff’s race last year. Madison and Lopez belong to A Band of Wives, an online women’s social network that Christine Bronstein set up and now has 4,000 members. Bronstein said he was reluctant to talk about his phone conversations with Madison while he is under subpoena but would be happy to testify. He also vouched for Madison, saying, “I think Ivory was doing what she thought was the right thing. She agonized long and hard … and she made up her own mind.”

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