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Bay Citizen will no longer supply stories to New York Times

The Bay Citizen will end its relationship with The New York Times as of April 29 so that it can have relationships with multiple media partners in the Bay Area, according to Steve Myers of Poynter.

The Times prints a section twice a week on Bay Area news that carries reports from The Bay Citizen, a nonprofit that also distributes its stories online.

The Bay Citizen has recently merged with the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, whose executive director, former Chron managing editor Robert Rosenthal, confirmed to Poynter that the Times deal is over.

“We want the opportunity to have multiple media partners in the Bay Area and not be in an exclusive relationship with, really, anyone,” Rosenthal said.

He said he wants to work with many outlets in the Bay Area, on all platforms. Another problem with the Times relationship, he said, was “being able to manage the creative process on our own deadline cycle.”

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