Bermudez and Copeland. ABC7 photo.

KGO-TV is canceling “7Live,” its 3-4 p.m. talk show featuring Brian Copeland and Lizzie Bermudez, effective April 27, due to low ratings.

The cancelation was first reported by Matthew Keys, a social media editor at Reuters and a former KGO producer. He says KGO will fill the hour with syndicated programming until the fall when the station adds Katie Couric’s new talk show. Keys says management informed the show’s staff on Wednesday and that it’s unknown if they will be reassigned to work on Channel 7’s other newscasts.

“We’re tremendously proud of everyone involved with 7 Live and their terrific work that earned an Emmy Award and other recognition,” KGO gm Bill Burton said in a statement. “Unfortunately, 7 Live was unable to build enough of an audience to justify the major financial commitment necessary to continue the show.”

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  1. The show was nice, but light. The audience segments were terrible. The hosts didn't give off a good chemistry together. Doubt if we'll see them again.

  2. My wife and I loved the show we both get home at 3pm and tuned in because the host's were great and informative Lizzy and Brian, the show had a real local feel to it, we are from San Francisco. To Bad bring them back ABC 7. SF Natives

  3. I was so disappointed to see 7 Live had been cancelled.I work and alwayshe looked forward to watching it on my days off. It was fun, comfortable, and really interesting. I see it has been replaced with the same old tired out "Lets be beautiful and perfect people."I'd say more but I'm too mad. I'll miss you Brian and Lizzy
    Lee Sitka, AK

  4. I disagree – I liked the show and thought the hosts were great – I think it's a soap opera hour and needs a different time slot to attract an adult audience – I'm not crazy about the noisy studio audiences on any of the talk shows – Hope 7 finds a place for Brian and Lizzy!!

  5. Didn't work? Maybe the marketing of the show could have been better. I loved it, and it's the only day show I bothered to watch every day.

    They were both so natural, with a real interest in varied things, and although at first I thought Brian's voice was lacking and he's not exactly one of your slick ABC happy-happy types you see in the morning, he has a quick quirky sense of humor, and some of his expressions when reacting to certain news did make me laugh because his mirrored my own.
    They were not afraid to not always say positive things about ABC programs and may be that was a factor too. Anyway, two really gracious, knowledgeable hosts and I wish that news people were normally as natural as they are. Smart and quick on the uptake but not (thank God) ultra smooth and they were willing to kid about little glitches like trying to understand both the partner and ear-whisperer from the control room talking to them at the same time.

    It was upsetting to see them explain what happened today and, for me, it just means ABC doesn't stand behind a more real type of talk than you get from their news folks in the awful morning shows where people are there to look pretty and pretend (unconvincingly) to be constantly happy and cheering one another on. I get embarrassed for George S.

    And the horrendous self-satisified crew of the noisy 'Chew' and the sad 'Revolution' so bent on 'fixing' what they consider broken women are both the ones that should be taken off. I realize Revolution is cancelled. SOME sense there.

  6. Not surprised by the cancellation since this show never seemed to work, perhaps due to a lack of chemistry between the hosts and a force-feeding of Twitter and Facebook references. The live audience didn't add much either. I'm sure Lizzie and Brian are nice people, but they never seemed that comfortable, and that really came out over the air. I doubt Couric's show will do much better in the ratings. She bombed up against Sarah Palin on GMA a couple of weeks ago. That ought to tell ABC something.

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