Dave Butler, who has responsibility over editorial operations at all of the Bay Area News Group’s publications, says in a memo (via Poynter) to Contra Costa Times staffers that he wants to cut 10-12 newsroom jobs.

He says that digital revenue is rising, but print is declining, and the result is that the company needs to cut costs. Copy editors will feel the brunt of the cuts.

Instead of two or three editors handling a story, one editor will review it with a “once-and-done approach.”

“A second or third edit on most stories has become a luxury most newspapers no longer can afford,” Butler writes.

And to help editors, reporters will be asked to put suggested headlines atop their stories.

Contra Costa Times copy editors will be allowed to apply for any vacancies in the reporting staff. Layoffs will be finalized May 15.

“Anyone laid off will get two weeks’ pay in lieu of two weeks’ notice — the same way we have handled this in the past,” Butler says.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. It's not that print newspapers are dead, it's more that idiots like John Paton are killing them with free online news.
    Again, why should I subscribe every year when I get the news free?

  2. The company's name is Digital First. But when it comes to revenues, print is first and digital is a far second. Digital revenue remains small no matter how much effort and consultant-driven research they do. This has been the case since the 1990s. Somebody should ask John Paton how many years it will take for digital to be first in terms of revenues. The answer? When he's killed off the company's print editions.

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