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KGO-AM/KSFO moves in with KNBR, KFOG, etc.

The new KGO-AM newsroom at 55 Hawthorne St.

KGO 810 and sister station KSFO 560 have completed their move from the ABC Broadcast Center at 900 Front St. to Cumulus Media’s studios at 55 Hawthorne St. in the South of Market area.

There’s been the occasional glitch, such as on Sunday when a new phone system prevented KGO host Christine Craft from letting her callers talk to her guest, suspended sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

But the most awkward moments might be taking place at the watercooler or in the hallway, says media blogger Rich Lieberman. That’s because KGO’s staff is unionized while the other broadcasters at 55 Hawthorne who work at KNBR, KFOG, etc., are non-union.

Lieberman also says that Cumulus wants to buy out KGO talker Ron Owens’ contract by August or September, before it expires in January. (Photo from KGO-AM website.)

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