CBS5 has decided to replace Roberta Gonzales as its main weather anchor with the No. 2 meteorologist at Seattle’s KOMO, Paul Deanno.

The move was first reported by media blogger Rich Liberman and now by others, such as the CCTimes’ Chuck Barney.

Barney quotes sources as saying Gonzales contract is up and CBS5 has offered her a lesser role as its weekend weathercaster. She has yet to accept that offer.

Barney says that a source at the station says Gonzales “has never been a favorite” of CBS 5 news director Dan Rosenheim, despite her high profile in the community and prolific charity work.

Lieberman put it more bluntly:

    “This move seems to be, early on, a direct power play by [KPIX news director, Dan Rosenheim], who likes to pick and choose his players. He’s good buddies with sports anchor, Dennis O’Donnell, and has pushed hard for fellow weather bud, Brian Hackney. In fact, it was widely rumored that Rosenheim wanted Hackney to do weeknight weather and push Gonzales over to the weekend. 
    This much is clear. Gonzales, in addition to being a popular personality with Bay Area viewers, is also an active charity participant. Frankly, this move by PIX befuddles me and is sure to draw the ire of many of its core viewers, most notably, women. And yes, of course, men too.

Money is likely an issue too, since several of the station’s anchors and reporters have been forced to take pay cuts as local TV revenues continue to decline. That’s a familiar story at every local TV station.

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  1. Just watched channel 5 news and saw Roberta Gonzalez and realized she had been missing for some time. I enjoyed watching and listening to this vivacious, sparkling personality who dressed with class and was inspired by her revelations of how she kept fit!! Too bad the "powers that be" on these radio/tv stations don't realize what contributors they have and make such stupid changes! I don't think the station has been improved with her departure!

  2. Saw Deanno on the King tribute last night. He looks like a real suck-up, schmaltzie guy. However, Gonzalez was always showing off her body and talking about how she cycles and works out all the time. That gets old, too.

  3. I will change channels and not watch CBS, as Roberta is being badly treated. She is great and I have enjoyed watching her weather reports.

  4. Anonymous- Constant Viewer dismayed that Roberta has been treated so badly.

    I will change to another station, as CBS is not receptive to the opinion of viewers. The new fellow will find that he will not be accepted, he cannot take her place. Roberta is a rare person, I wish her well.

  5. Saw Paul Deanno's weather report tonight. He looks and sounds like a "dime a dozen", toothy smiling script reader. Must have been selected to create some kind San Francisco male sex appeal. No improvement and a forgetful performance. Pretty soon Rosenheim will hire cute and pert little high school girls does Channel 4.

  6. VERY bad decision. She is a breath of fresh air to the station news team. Rosenheim has made serious mistakes before and this will go down as another major one. I for one will not be watching anymore. That leave like – how many more dozen viewers?

  7. I am sure she is a great person and all but I was never a fan of her delivery style. She has this way of emphasizing words that is kind of annoying, to a point that I have to change the channel. Perhaps if she worked on changing her style…

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