While Roberta Gonzales is being replaced as the weeknight weather anchor at KPIX CBS5, but she won’t be leaving the station.

She said on her Facebook page on Friday that she has been in talks for the past five months to develop a new position in which she would report on the weather. A press release Tuesday from CBS5 said she will do weekend weather and have additional reporting responsibilities during the week.

“I want to thank all of you for your love and support during this time of change,” Gonzales writes on FB. “And I need all of you to give me your ideas on weather stories.”

As we reported on Friday, CBS5 has hired the No. 2 meteorologist at Seattle’s KOMO Paul Deanno to replace Gonzales as weeknight weather anchor. Gonzales has been at KPIX for 16 years and became the weeknight anchor in July 2007, replacing Samantha Mohr, who went on to the WeatherChannel.

A CBS5 press release on Tuesday said:

    Roberta Gonzales is taking on a new role anchoring weekend weathercasts, with additional weather reporting responsibilities in the field during the week. Gonzales has brought a unique blend of talent and enthusiasm to morning and evening news for many years at CBS 5 and CW Bay Area, and she has been extensively involved in the community. 
    “I am very excited both to welcome Paul and to have Roberta in a dynamic new role,” said Dan Rosenheim, Vice President and News Director. “With Paul, Roberta, and morning weather anchor Lawrence Karnow, we have three exceptionally talented weathercasters, and we will now be the only station in the Bay Area with three full time staff weather anchors.”

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  1. Roberta was the reason for watching channel 5 , ten o'clock news. Channel two news/weather is and was always better. However, we always used to watch 5 to see Roberta. She has the personality that draws the audience. Seems like someone did not do their homework on this one.

  2. Paul. Deanno is OK…but Roberta is great!
    CBS5 really screwed up by removing her from weeknights!
    Her interaction with Dana & Ken made the Nightly News interesting & fun to watch.
    I am gone as a viewer also!

  3. We absolutely agree with the above comment! Even though we love Dana we will no longer be watching cbs5 news or WEATHER! Am thinking Dan Rosenheim should have thought this through a little longer or maybe he wasn't thinking at all. However, he was able to insert his friend in ROBERTA'S spot. It's so sad when the administration/ management doesn't have a clue. As far as we are concerned Roberta & Dana made your news worth watching.

  4. Simply, you are f#####d up for doing this to 'our girl'. We watch for Roberta and Dana, now what? not cbs5 anymore. This will prove to be a costly mistake. You have become whitebread mediocre and have lost us to the internet. bye bye now

  5. Roberta's enthusiasm was overwhelming. She put a human face on what has become of KPIX. If they were smart, they would have given her a 30-minute show at 7 or 7:30. CBS5's ratings crash at about 7 every night. They need some help.

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