Dean Singleton is no longer running the MediaNews Group chain of 56 newspapers, such as the San Jose Mercury News, but he’s still publisher of the Denver Post and the company’s executive chairman. And, according to a profile in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine, he’s using his position in Colorado to push his political views.

The Harpers story by Dave Sirota says the Denver Post has become so bastardized that it ran a profile of Singleton that called him “the Superman of the American newspaper industry.”

Here are the links:

    • If you want to pay $16.97 for a one-year subscription to Harpers to read the story, here’s the link.

    • In Humboldt, Calif., where Singleton ran a competitor out of business and then gutted the newsroom of the paper he controlled, a blog has posted this review of the Harpers article that uses an unkind term to describe Singleton. Apparently people don’t like him in that town.

    • Here’s an article Sirota wrote in the August edition of Harpers about Singleton, titled “The Citizen Kane Era Returns.” It gives a taste of the complaints Sirota has about Singleton.

    • The Denver Post’s longtime TV columnist, Joanne Ostrow, defended Singleton against Sirota’s criticisms. Ostrow points out that Sirota’s contract with the paper was terminated.

Bay Area Media News,


  1. Old Fred sounds like a communist with his burning desire for a strong central government. History tells us that Communism has never been successful, and it has always required government control of the press. Is that what he wants? Pravda? TASS?

  2. Hey, there's this other really interesting option to see the article. You go to this thing call, I think, a newsstand and you buy the, whatzit, magazine version of Harpers. It's on this paper stuff. Not only doesn't it cost anywhere near 17 bucks, but there are other articles in it too.

  3. It's naive to blame Dean Singleton for behaving like a capitalist tool. He is simply doing what capitalism is designed to do–drain all the profits and assets out of a product and then move on. Unregulated capitalism has always and will always behave in this fashion. One might as well blame the Republican Party for embracing racism and class warfare to win votes. If we don't regulate capitalism… let me restate that more bluntly… if we don't have a powerful centralized government that is willing to confront and constrain the capitalism of enormously powerful corporations and individuals, then capitalism, like cancer, will quickly consume its host, our culture. This isn't rocket science folks, this is how the game works. Journalism, in the service of the four or five corporations that own the majority of media outlets in America, is dead… it has committed suicide and we have no one to blame but ourselves. If you like the way the system in working, vote for Mitt in the Fall. He'll see that all the restrictions on wealth accumulation are promptly and completely removed. If you don't like how the system is working, how your benefits are evaporating, how your retirement funds are disappearing, then you're going to have to make a racket and put your body on the protest line. It's your life and your choice.

  4. All newspapers have had to cut back and refocus, but Singleton destroyed the San Mateo Times. He should be ashamed. He once said that he planned to buy a house in the Bay Area, after he bought the Merc and Coco Times. I'll bet he's frightened to show his face here after all the damage he's done.

  5. Thanks for mentioning that Harpers did a profile on Singleton, but it's not worth $16.97 of my money to read it. I don't need to spend any money to know he's a dirt bag who maliciously destroyed several local newspapers, "harvesting" whatever revenues he could before destroying him. He's not the Superman of the newspaper industry, he's the Anti-Christ!

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