The SF Appeal reports that Chronicle City Hall reporter Rachel Gordon has been hired by San Francisco’s Department of Public Works as its communications director.

The SF Appeal, an online news outlet headed by Eve Batey, points out that the job opening wasn’t advertised, and the job was offered only to Gordon.

City Hall HR rules require such jobs to be advertised.

But DPW special projects manager Mindy Linetzky told the Appeal that the job is a temporary position, and therefore exempt from those rules. However, the email DPW director Mohammed Nuru sent on Sept. 11 announcing the hiring of Gordon didn’t state she was a temp, and in fact pointed out that she was replacing an “interim” communications director.

Nonetheless, Linetzky said that within six months, the communications director job will be advertised as part of a job search by DPW. So, it appears Gordon has traded her full-time gig at the Chron for a temp job, if the folks at DPW are to be believed.

Bay Area Media News


  1. Rachel Gordon must have written a lot of stories the City liked in order to get hired there. She may have ignored some negative stories, too.

    1. do any of the city hall lapdogs really report any negative news about the city??? that's why the local press, t.v., radio, etc. have so little credibility. why doesn't occupy show up inside city hall???

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