Declaring “the news isn’t free,” the new publisher of the Gilroy Dispatch says in a story printed today that his paper will start charging online readers.

The new publisher is Tony Allegretti, 67, who is also CEO and co-founder of Mainstreet Media Group, owner of 14 newspapers in California. He will also serve as publisher of the Dispatch’s sister papers, the Morgan Hill Times and Hollister Free Lance.

After living in La Jolla for four years, Allegretti has returned to Gilroy to replace his business partner of 21 years, Steve Staloch, who resigned as chief operating officer and senior vice president. Allegretti and Staloch co-founded Mainstreet Media Group in 2004.

Allegretti said he is happy to be back in Gilroy and that newspapers are on the rebound. He said he agreed with Warren Buffett, who said newspapers have made a mistake by giving away their news online. In May, Buffett bought 63 newspapers for $142 million.

“Every major newspaper company in America is going to go to paid websites,” Allegretti explains. “And we will also.”

Here’s a link to the Dispatch story that explains the paywall to readers.

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  1. finally, someone with some common sense regarding online newspapers. When did it become profitable to give away newspapers? You pay for a subscription, when you buy one at the store or off the rack, why did anyone think giving away newspapers online was a good idea? Stupid, yes.
    By the way, has anyone ever checked to see how well online newspapers do as far as ad revenue? Seriously, so many of us avoid TV commercials, why would you think online ads are a money maker?
    I'm one of those who actually pilfers through the print ads on Tuesdays and Sundays, looking for what's on sale. I certainly don't do that with online ads.

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