KPIX has dropped its “Eyewitness News” title and stopped calling itself “CBS 5.” Now the station is simply referring to itself as KPIX, the call letters the station has used since it went on the air on Dec. 22, 1948. The “Eyewitness News” title dates back to the 1960s when the station was part of Westinghouse’s Group W. The “5” in the station’s logo, however, still is in the Anklepants font that Group W used for all of its stations. KPIX said on its Facebook page, “We’re excited about bringing the legacy KPIX call letters back into our CBS 5 television brand. Many Bay Area residents grew up watching ‘KPIX’ and have always referred to our station that way.” The switch was made on Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. I believe this is the way it should be. Attention Channel 11 and channel 7 Go back to your original station names. We know what network you belong to.

  2. CBS O&0s and affiliates across the country are still going by "CBS(channel number)". Are those stations going back to their "legacy" callletters too?

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