The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that as the Daily News reduces its print schedule from five days a week to three, the Chronicle has launched a free tabloid that is being delivered to 65,000 homes on the Peninsula on Saturdays.

The new product includes stories of interest to Peninsula residents that appeared in the Chronicle during the previous week, according to Marketing Director Michael Keith. The Chron has launched similar weeklies in the North Bay and East Bay.

As for the Daily News, Publisher Steve Paterson told the Business Journal that he won’t be reducing the paper’s staff with the switch to a three-day-a-week printing schedule. The Daily News will still be available five days a week online. He declined to say how much the Daily News will save on printing, but added, “It’s not about savings, it’s about transition.”

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  1. This Chronicle product sounds like something from the past called a TMC — total market coverage. In the olden days of newspapers, when a newspaper didn't penetrate enough households in a given area, the paper would produce a TMC and throw it on people's driveways. Then they would tell advertisers that if they bought ads in both the paid circulation paper and the TMC, they'd reach 90% of the market. Given the Comical's dwindling circulation, it's hard to see how a TMC would help them much, but these are desperate times.

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