Media blogger Rich Lieberman reports that Clear Channel’s 910 AM has fired Len Tillem, a Sonoma County lawyer who did a legal advice show from 3 to 4 p.m. weekdays.

Tillem was one of the KGO hosts who was dumped in December 2011, and he was picked up by NewsTalk 910 along with Gil Gross.

Tillem said he doesn’t know why he was let go. “Maybe they thought that Gil Gross would bring in more listeners in the 3-4 PM hour. Maybe they preferred a different direction for the station. It doesn’t really matter. I am happy to have been on NewsTalk 910 for the last fifteen months. It was a fun ride. I wish Gil Gross the best of luck.”

Tillem said he plans to continue doing his show as a podcast at lentillem.com and at spreaker.com/.

Bay Area Media News


  1. I don't listen to kgo anymore since Len tillem left. I thought for sure he would be picked up by a different station immediately. is he still off air?! I prefer to listen to talk radio with practical and useful information, not just political opinion.

  2. Len may be happy off air, but we are not. I do not listen to KGO anymore because they let him go and their news program etc. is same old same old, then got exited he was on 910 and now last year you dropped him. I do not listen to your program because of Rush the crazy one etc., and will tune you back in if your return Len even if they are rebroadcasts on weekends.


  3. Please put Len Tillem back on the air! It's hard to find a talented , good -natured person and legal adviser like him.He is compassionate and makes good legal sense even a common person can understand. I never listened or knew 910 AM till I heard LEN TILLEM!

  4. I miss hearing Len Tillums savvy advice. Valuable, funny and necessary. It's very unfortunate that he was fired. Sad. 910 please bring him back! Better time frame, 2hrs……

  5. BIG MISTAKE!!! He helped many people – was very entertaining – gave great information – I didn't know 910 before Len Tillem – I won't know them after Len Tillem. Too bad.

  6. Well, I am not surprised he got dumped. He offered a valuable service and i am sure other attorneys were not happy about it. Radio Station may be scared of lawsuits if something went wrong due to advice given for free by Len. What if someone killed someone or even committed suicide because of what they heard from him. Advice was good for people who were mostly tenants, no respect for landlord. Overall show was very entertaining and provided unhappy people to stop and think and use common sense instead of be sue happy like most people.

  7. I used to make sure I tuned in for Len, then I'd leave the station on and listen to Gil if I liked the topic. Now I rarely tune into 910 and stay on FM listening to music. Big mistake to let him go. I hope he gets back on the air live somewhere soon.

  8. I would like Len Tillem to be back on 910 radio otherwise the station will lose many fans that was A big mistake clear Chanel.

  9. Well, that"s a shame! Len Tillem was the only reason to listen to 910. His show focused on the callers which is what talk radio should be. The other shows on 910 are 90% the host talking, which is just not that interesting after a while…

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