Gene Burns

Longtime Bay Area radio talk show host Gene Burns died today (May 25) at age 72, according to his former station, KGO-AM.

Known for his Libertarian views, distinctive voice and perfect grammar, Burns was a top-rated host on KGO in its news-talk heyday.

But he was let go in a November 2011 cost-cutting purge along with Gil Gross, John Rothmann and Bill Wattenburg. Burns was hired by Clear Channel’s KKSF-AM 910 for the afternoon drive, but he never made it on the air. He suffered a stroke that affected the speech center of his brain.

“I am enthusiastic and thankful for the progress I have made,” he said on the Talk910 website in April 2012. “Most days, I have speech therapy and visits from great friends and colleagues.”

Before arriving at KGO in 1994, Burns worked in Baltimore (WCBM), Philadelphia (WCAU-AM), Boston (WRKO) and New York (WOR) and Orlando (WKIS).

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  1. Gene was a first-rate broadcaster who promoted intelligent discussions of the "issues of the day." He didn't put up with stupid callers and he wasn't afraid to vigorously defend his point of view. KGO went downhill fast after they changed their format. His death is like losing an old friend.

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