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KGO-TV crew robbed in Oakland — even though they had a guard

Oakland police say a KGO-TV crew was robbed of camera equipment at gunpoint in broad daylight even while accompanied by a security guard.

According to KPIX-TV, police said that three men accosted the KGO-TV crew around 2:30 p.m. Friday (Aug. 2) in West Oakland. At least one had a gun.

Police say the suspects ordered the journalists onto ground before fleeing with camera gear. The crew wasn’t hurt.

The incident is the latest robbery targeting media in Oakland.

In November, KPIX photographer Gregg Welk was punched and robbed during a live broadcast outside a high school.

The incident prompted the station to hire security guards to accompany its crews when they cover news in Oakland.

Last year, Veteran Oakland Tribune photographer Laura Oda was robbed of her cameras twice.

In June 2012, a KTVU news crew was robbed of a computer, camera and tripod by several men who pushed their way into their van parked on Redwood Road in the Oakland hills.

In May 2012, a man stole a camera and tripod from a KNTV crew at 20th Street and San Pablo Avenue.

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