The Chronicle is disputing a report in this morning’s New York Times that said the San Francisco newspaper plans to stop publishing its standalone food section. The Times said:

    “Now, The Chronicle, owned by the Hearst Corporation, is planning to eliminate its stand-alone food section and integrate it into a single lifestyle section — tentatively titled “Artisan” — with material from other parts of the newspaper, including the home section, according to employees who have been told of the plans.
    “Although the merger is set to take place by February, the decision has not been publicly announced. Staff members of the newspaper, who spoke to The New York Times about the plan, insisted on anonymity because they said they feared reprisals for disclosing it.”

Chronicle Managing Editor Audrey Cooper denied the Times report and said the Chron plans to “increase our investment in terms of digital and print offering.”
Cooper writes:

    “We are exploring several opportunities, testing them with readers and conducting independent research to make sure we’re delivering what our customers need and want. Once we decide on a path, we will make sure to celebrate it — just as we celebrate the amazing Northern California food culture.
    “I’d love to tell everyone right now what we’re going to do. The truth is that we haven’t decided it yet. But I can tell everyone unequivocally that our top priority is to continue doing the nation’s best coverage of Northern California food and wine.”
Bay Area Media News,

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