The Chronicle reports that another member of the media has been robbed at gunpoint in Oakland today (Feb. 18).

    Veteran Bay Area News Group photojournalist D. Ross Cameron had finished taking pictures of a lead-abatement project at a home near the corner of 29th and West streets in West Oakland when he was accosted by two men about 11:30 a.m. 
    The men stole two cameras and a lens from him at gunpoint before jumping into a car, described as a Lexus or Jaguar. 
    “I’m OK,” Cameron said as he sat in the front seat of an Oakland police SUV giving a statement to Officer Michael Morse. “I’m angry — and embarrassed.” 
    Cameron has been an East Bay photojournalist for 24 years.

The robbery is the latest incident in which a journalist has been robbed or attacked in Oakland, including one incident in 2012 where a KPIX camera was taken during a live shot. In response, TV stations have hired security guards to escort news crews.

Bay Area Media News

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