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San Carlos may ban home delivery of unsolicited newspapers

The San Mateo County community of San Carlos is looking at banning newspaper companies from throwing newspapers on the driveways of homes if the resident hasn’t subscribed. The Daily News reports that the City Council has asked its attorney to draft an ordinance that would ban unwanted newspapers and commercial solicitations from landing on residents’ property and the sidewalks in front.

The Daily News says the action was prompted by Councilman Cameron Johnson, who said residents frequently told him they don’t want the free San Francisco Examiner dumped on their driveways.

“It’s a nuisance, it does signal to people that no one is home … and I think the waste issue is very important,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he called the Examiner requesting that it stop delivering papers to his house. After a few weeks however, the newspapers started showing up again.

“I can make it so people can’t call me at home and I can make it so people can’t send me email, but there is no way to stop the San Francisco Examiner from throwing their newspaper on my lawn,” Johnson said.

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