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Winners in High School Journalism Contest

The following local students received awards in the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club’s annual high school journalism contest for work they did on their school newspapers and websites. The awards were presented to the students on Thursday (May 21) at the old courthouse in Redwood City.

1. News Story Winners
   First: San Mateo High School: “Senator Jerry Hill Bashes SMUHSD” by Cindy Zhang
   Second: Carlmont High School: “Former Carlmont student killed at 19 years old” by Kimiko Okumura
   Third: Aragon High School “SMPD tests cameras” by Carolyn Ku
 2. Features Story Winners
   First: Eastside College Prep: “Race Matters: Student Poll Finds Police Overstep Power” by Corine Forward, Cohen Price
   Second: Aragon High School: “Aragon Opens Up About Marijuana Use” by Jordan Kranzler, Brandon Yan, Alex Furuya
   Third: Convent of the Sacred Heart: “Hookup Culture Becomes the Norm, Causing a Double Standard for Many Women” by Tatiana Gutierrez
   Honorable Mention: Aragon High School “Tinder and Grinder” by Regina Wen, Jordan Kranzler
   Honorable Mention: Santa Clara High School “Your Brain on Drugs” by Ellie Houseman, Joseph Hughes, Daniel Huynh, Sophia Kakarala
   Honorable Mention: Carlmont High School: “Behind the Mask: Carlmont’s walking DJ” by Kelly Song
Honorable Mention: Santa Clara High School: “Students in the Shadows” by Theodora Vojnovic
 3. Sports Story Winners
   First: Carlmont High School: “Boys varsity soccer falls to Sequoia” by Jocelyn Moran
   Second: Carlmont High School: “Boys soccer begins season strong” by Naomi Asrir
   Third: “Eastside College Prep: “Panthers first bid for state title falls short in final minutes” by Chorine Forward
 4. Editorial Winners
   First: Terra Nova High School: “You can trust me with cars, why not condoms?” by Emily Stack
   Second: Santa Clara High School: “California teacher tenure laws not the problem” by Sophia Kakarala
Third: Carlmont High School: “Airport harassment: TSA affects people beyond the gate” by Shira Stein
5. Column Winners
   First: Carlmont High School: “Columns by Dominic Gialdini” by Dominic Gialdini
   Second: Carlmont High School: “Why cops are never prosecuted” by Michael Bastaki
   Third: Aragon High School: “‘Sucker’ rules” by Murray Sandmeyer
   Honorable Mention: Mills High School: “Pushing for Progression in Primetime” by Daysia Tolentino
   Honorable Mention: Mills High School: “Fighting Racial Injustice From Ferguson to Millbrae” by Dana Ysabel Dela Cruz
6. News Photo Winners
   First: Terra Nova High School: “Fire tears through valley” by Emily Stack
   Second: Eastside College Prep: “Blood drive successful despite minor glitches” by Elizabeth Perez
   Third: Carlmont High School: “Homecoming begins” by Han Vu
7. Feature Photo Winners
   First: Aragon High School: “Students who Cosplay at Aragon” by Jenney Zhang
   Second: Carlmont High School: “New mural brings color to campus” by Han Vu
   Third: Eastside College Prep: “Losing loved ones at a young age” by Yajaira Vargas
8. Sports Photo Winners
   First: Carlmont High School: “JV softball perseveres to gain the lead” by Avery Adams
   Second: Aragon High School: “Aragon Varsity Basketball v. Hillsdale High School” by Magali de Sauvage
   Third: Aragon High School: “Aragon Boys’ Varsity Football v. Half Moon Bay” by Magali de Sauvage
9. Layout & Design Winners
   First: Serra High School: “Homecoming Week” by Robert Horne, Matthew Claybrook, George Anagnostou
   Second: Carlmont High School: “The Highlander — January 2015” by Staff
   Third: Convent of the Sacred Heart” by Aoife Devereaux
10. Website Design Winners
   First: San Mateo High School, www.thebearcat.net by Angela Zhang, Jean Ye
   Second: Carlmont High School: Entry 10301 “Scot Scoop News” by Shira Stein
   Third: Mills High School: “The Mills Thunderbolt” by Nathan Chau
11. Web Site Content Winners
   First: Carlmont High School: “Scot Scoop News” by Staff
   Second: San Mateo High School, www.thebearcat.net by Jean Ye, Angela Zhang
   Third: Mills High School: “The Mills Thunderbolt” by Nathan Chau, Iris Hung
12. Yearbook Winners
   First: Mills High School
   Second: Serra High School
13. General Excellence Winners
   First: Carlmont High School: “The Highlander” by Staff
   Second: Santa Clara High School: “The Roar, December 2014, February 2015 and April 2015” by Staff
   Third: Aragon High School: “February, March, and April 2015 editions of the Outlook” by Staff
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