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March 2017 Press Club board minutes

6 p.m. March 28, 2017 at Serra High School, San Mateo

PRESENT: Antonia Ehlers, Ed Remitz, Dave Price (via phone), Carla Worfolk
(via phone), Jim Henderson, Jane Northrop and Mark Shaw

NEW BOARD MEMBER: Antonia introduced the board’s newest member, Mark Shaw.
Shaw, of Burlingame, is an attorney, former network TV analyst and author of
more than 20 books. His most recent book, “The
Reporter Who Knew Too Much,”
delves into the circumstances surrounding
the suspicious death of famed columnist Dorothy Kilgallen in 1965. His book
has prompted the New York City D.A. to reopen the case.

HIGH SCHOOL BOOT CAMP: Ed and Antonia reported that the high school contest
awards will be presented this year at the high school boot camp, which is
set for May 13 at City College of San Francisco. The deadline for board
members to judge high school contest entries is April 24. Ed spoke about
preparations for this year’s boot camp and his efforts to nail down a key
note speaker.

CONTEST JUDGING: Antonia told the directors that they will be judging
Cleveland’s press club contest. Instructions to follow via email.

FINANCES: Antonia said accountant Dan Smith of Finnegan-McMahon is working
to update the club’s tax returns.

REBRANDING: Carla said that with the club celebrating its 40th anniversary
this year, it would be an opportune time for a rebranding. With new members
and a new executive director, it would be a terrific opportunity to
re-introduce ourselves. She said the professional awards presentation would
be a good time to say what we’re about and try to inspire others to join us.
She suggested that we plan an attractive, exciting event to galvanize
support for journalism across the Bay Area.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Antonia reported that Terry Williams, who is also
executive director of the San Diego Press Club and a contest coordinator for
other clubs, has agreed to serve as executive director.

SPONSORSHIPS: The board discussed the possibility of corporate
The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.

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