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Update On Our 2017 Student Scholarship Winners

Writer: Rory McGinty
The San Francisco Peninsula Press Club recently awarded two Bay Area students scholarships from its annual scholarship competition.
Club board members chose two winners for this competition. One scholarship is awarded in honor of the late Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle columnist, and Pulitzer-prize recipient. The second is named for Jack Russell, late co-founder of the club and revered Peninsula newsman.

Meghan Bobrowsky, 2017 Jack Russell Scholarship Award Winner

Meghan Bobrowsky, winner of the Jack Russell award,  is 18 and a freshman at Scripps College in Claremont, California. She is the video editor for the Claremont College’s newspaper, The Student Life, as well as a video editor for Global Student Square, which is a youth-led platform for news and politics.
After attending a workshop at the California Scholastic Press Association last summer, Bobrowsky decided that she wanted to be a journalist for the rest of her life.
“I like to tell people’s stories that might go unheard otherwise and deliver the truth to my audience” she said.
Although she is not majoring in journalism in college, it is still a big part of her life. At Scripps, she hopes to become an expert in another field so that she will have something to write about when she graduates.

Roman Peregrino, 2017 Herb Caen Scholarship Award winner

Roman Peregrino, winner of the Herb Caen award, is 17 and a senior at Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco.
Peregrino recalls his first memories of journalism by reading the Sporting Green from The San Francisco Chronicle every night as a child. As a strong writer in grammar school, he knew he wanted to pursue journalism once he reached high school.
During his first few weeks into freshman year, Peregrino joined Riordan’s school newspaper. He began as a reporter, writing small stories about events around school. During his junior year, he made a jump when he enrolled in his school’s first ever journalism class, where he became editor-in-chief of the entire newspaper.
“At this point, I knew journalism was something that I was passionate about and wanted to learn more.  I applied for a selective Stanford Journalism program and was lucky enough to get in. There I learned more about the craft and met like-minded people that have passed along knowledge I am bringing back to my school.”
After being awarded the Herb Caen Scholarship award, Peregrino said he knows that he is extremely passionate about journalism. He hopes to join his college’s newspaper, whatever that might be.
We are so proud of Meghan and Roman and we wish them the best of luck in all of their journalism endeavors!

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