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Journalism Quotes from the 2017 Awards Dinner

Press club board member Jim Kirkland coordinated a whimsical display of vintage typewriters for each table at the 2017 awards dinner. The following journalism quotes for the typewriters completed the salute to journalism history and what may become a new annual tradition for the club:

“Journalism is literature in a hurry”
— Matthew Arnold

“We journalists make it a point to know very little about an extremely wide variety of topics; this is how we stay objective”
— Dave Barry

“Free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad”
— Albert Camus

“Journalism largely consists in saying ‘Lord Jones is dead’ to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive”
— G. K. Chesterton

“The duty of a newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”
— Finley Peter Dunne

“You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism”
— Warren Ellis

“Journalism is to politician as dog is to lamp-post”
— H. L. Mencken

“News is something someone wants suppressed. Everything else is just advertising”
— Lord Northcliff

“Democracies succeed or fail based on their journalism”
— Scott Pelley

“Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read”
— Frank Zappa

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