The San Francisco Press Club will join the Journalism Education
Association of Northern California on Sept. 29 to host NorCal Media
Day, a regional high school journalism conference in Palo Alto,

The event merges an annual boot camp conducted by the SFPC with the
longtime JEANC conference that draws students from all over Northern
California for a day of training and competition.

“It made sense to partner with JEANC to serve students,” said SFPC President Antonia Ehlers. “We are hoping that it will remind journalism
professionals from around the nation to support and rally around
academic journalism in the most direct way possible. This is
especially important, given the current criticism of news media.”

Hundreds are expected to attend the daylong event at Palo Alto High School.

“We’re so thrilled to have members of the SFPC joining us at Palo Alto
High School,” said Brian Wilson, JEANC President and Palo Alto High
School journalism adviser. “It makes a great difference in our
students’ lives when they can hear from professionals, particularly at
this time of national challenges to journalism. We look forward to
further collaborations down the road.”

JEANC is the local chapter for the national Journalism Education
Association. JEANC’s territory ranges from Fresno and San Luis Obispo
to the Northern California border and includes about 100 high school
journalism programs.

The SFPC represents several hundred journalism professionals in print,
broadcast and online media operations throughout the Greater Bay Area. It hosts annual contests for media professionals and helps support
journalism programs and students.

The SFPC also is merging its annual high school journalism contest
with the JEANC event and developing an internship program to provide
hands-on training opportunities for beginning journalism students as
part of its ongoing service to the field.

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