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August 1 2019 Press Club board Meeting

Meeting notes for August 1, 2019 phone conference call.
In attendance: Jim Kirkland, Antonia Ehlers, Dave Price, Alexis Terrazas, Edrie Blackwelder, Ed Remitz, Jane Northrop, Juan Gonzales, Curtis Sparrer
Agenda: discuss and vote on membership fees, intern program
Membership fees voted in:
$50 membership. Vote amendment unanimous – Membership fee at $50 unanimous
$30 for entry member
$40 for non member
$15 for student
Benefits to member ship:
Membership card
Contest discount
Panel discussion
Internship (fellowship) program
Sell merch on website – hat, lanyard, photo card, t-shirt, etc.?
Need to make final decisions and announce the contest by August 15. Better BNC is working on setting up the website, annual fee has been paid.
Internship program: Alexis and Ed have worked on forming a program. We have yet found any candidates.
Notes from Terry Williams concerning our awards:
I think the idea of a series of emails is good. They would go out to everyone who entered for the past three years. I’ll have to get the 2016 data but combined 2017 and 2018 contacts is about 100.

  1. Announcing that the contest will be opening soon that includes a link to join. Membership is $50 for active media, $125 for PR, $15 for students. Entry fees for members would be $20 – $35 for non-members. The email shout also list member benefits, notice of upcoming workshops, and link to improved website. Also ask these people to forward the email to their staff or others they think might be interested.
  2. Launching the contest August 15 or sooner if Cody can get it ready. This also includes membership link and save the date for the awards.
  3. Reminder to enter, again with link and save the date.

All this is at least a good place to start. Please let me know what Cody thinks as to a launch date.
I am suggesting we use the awards dinner to:



Suggest we have within our program a membership application and ad for the panel discussion.

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