San Francisco Press Club Board Meeting–January 14, 2020

Via D’Este, San Francisco


Board members present: Jim Kirkland, Jane Northrop, Edrie Blackwelder, Bill Parks, Ed Remitz, Dave Price, Antonia Ehlers


Call to order:


  • The board agreed to push the Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards earlier this year. Our overall goal is to host them in May. For this year, it is unrealistic but we will shoot for September of 2020 and hold the awards in May of 2021. For this year, entries would open in April.


  • Next panel discussions: The board approved moving forward with two panels–“Saving Local News” and a panel hosted by the First Amendment Coalition.


  • Insurance: The board was split 4-3 on whether to pursue insurance for the club. Board members decided to ask further input about this during the week.


  • Membership: We need to decide how we are going to work with Terry Williams this year with regard to membership. Our goal is to recruit $1,000 members.


  • Board members agreed for Jim Kirkland to pursue grant opportunities with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.



Meeting adjourned

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