Meeting notes from 6/10/20 Zoom meeting


In attendance: Jim Kirkland, Curtis Sparrer, Antonia Ehlers, Ed Remitz, Bill Parks, Juan Gonzales, Alexis Terrazas, Jane Northrop


Agenda: Discussion on upcoming awards presentation. There will be no dinner this year, with a Zoom presentation taking its place.


Date of presentation should be September 18 or later.


Curtis Sparrer is elected to be program director and overall high tech guru. Last years program and Power Point presentation to be sent to Curtis.


Jim Kirkland will create and run the Power Point presentation


Antonia Ehlers and Alexis Terrazas will share moderating duties with Kirkland


Possible keynote speakers: John Mays, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, Kim Komanich (photojournalist), Carols Gonzales (photojournalist), Joel Simon (photojournalist)

  • Juan Gonzales is tagged to get in touch with Simon, Gonzales and Konanich


Ideas: offer a raffle, prize, swag


General consensus is that we should seek sponsorship

  • Kirkland will approach the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Kaiser has been approached in the past – Antonia to send the solicitation letter used then
  • Curtis to work up a solicitation letter
  • all board members should attempt to find and approach a sponsor
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