SFPC notes for 10-17-19



  • will we be presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award and, if so, to whom?
  • same question for the Bill Workman Award
  • choose a name for the Duffel award
  • Dufflel would like to invite her lawyer as he has been so helpful to her in her case. I have said we will pay for his dinner as well as Kathi and Bailey’s. They will not be staying overnight at the hotel. They chose to Uber from Stockton. Do we offer to pay for the Uber? Also, a small film crew wishes to tape Kathi and Bailey receiving the award.



  • we have our November 20 panel set up. I would like to also announce the “safety” panel for January or February. Also would like to list yet another panel subject for a total of 3.
  • for our Danish panelists… would we like to offer them dinner that night or something?
  • will have a flyer at each place setting



  • the club now officially has 26 members. A drive is in order. I will be pitching membership at the dinner from the podium but all board members should be reaching out.
  • will have a flyer at each place setting.
  • other ideas for recruiting members?



  • report from Alexis?


Balance sheet:

  • see attached


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