San Francisco Press Club

Meeting Minutes

Oct. 3. 2019


Present: Dave Price, Bill Parks, Juan Gonzales, Alexis Terrazas, Ed Remitz, Jim Henderson, Antonia Ehlers, Curtis Sparrer, and James Kirkland


Awards Contest/Dinner


There are 210 entries compared to 310 last year. It was suggested that a possible reason – our deadline was conflicting with the SPJ contest.


So far 29 people have signed-up for membership in SFPC. Board members were reminder to submit their membership fee, which is $50. Also send a photo of yourself to James that will be incorporated into the membership card.


As for keynote speaker for the awards banquet, Steven Stock was suggested. Steven is an investigative reporter for NBC Bay Area. James will follow -up.


This year’s awards banquet will take place on Nov, 7 at the Hilton Burlingame. It will start at 6 p.m. (greet & meet), followed by dinner at 7 p.m., then the speaker at 8 p.m., and closing with the awards presentations at 9 p.m.


We will also look into a student rate for the banquet.




It is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov, 20, from 6-9 p.m. at the Diego Rivera Theater at City College of San Francisco.


James has proposed inviting Peter Keldof, an international news and documentary producer who will be visiting the Bay Area to investigate how big tech is changing journalism as we know it. Keldof has reported people in “old” media contend that Google and Facebook (and others) are killing journalism (or that it already happened). But on the other hand, these tech companies are pouring in millions of dollars in new projects that they say will help the free press and independent journalism. So, James is suggesting we consider this theme as our Nov. 20 panel.


The back-up plan will be the theme on the safety of journalists. Bill and Juan are approaching some journalists they suggested. Members should also think of possible panelists.


Juan will be looking into whether wine can be served at the event.




Alexis had no report regarding the structure and process. He will report back at our next meeting.


High School Journalism Confab


SFPC was well represented at the Journalism Education Association of Northern California. There were about 400 students representing 35 schools. Club members participated as contest judges and workshop speakers. It was reported that overall things went well.


Minutes submitted by Juan Gonzales

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