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June 27th 2022 Press Club Board Minutes

Present:  Curtis Sparrer, Juan Gonzales, Dan Brown, Antonia Ethlers, Ritu Jha, Jane Northrop, Dave Price, Ed Remitz, and Dan Rosenheim

Absent: Kevin Fagan and James Henderson


After  a lot of work, Dave Price reported that SFPC is now tax exempt in California. However, there is more work involved in trying to secure federal tax exempt status. 

He also reported we need to file a Fictious Name statement that is placed as a public notice in a publication. This will allow the acceptance and deposit of checks made out to the San Francico Press Club, as well as checks we issue to anyone for deposit. 

He also advised that we set-up a two-party check system and that we formally change the name of the club from the Peninsula/San Francisco Press Club to the San Francisco Press Club.


Dave Price reported that in our general account there is a balance of $23,615 and in the scholarship account there is a balance of $4001.


It was agreed to host an in-person awards banquet on November 17 at a place to be determined.  Juan Gonzales will look into use of the Elks Club in downtown San Francisco and Ritu Jha will check with her restaurant.

Terry Williams will be sked to coordinate the journalism awards contest.

Antonia Ethlers will develop an overall plan for the banquet that will include a keynote speker. We will review her plan at a special board meeting on July 11 at 5 p.m.


Juan Gonzales raised the need for clarification on the SFPC website about the membership fee for students. It should read $15 per year, but it doesn’t. He was asked to send Curtis Sparrer and Jim Kirkland an email about making the change.


Daniel Brown agreed to oversee the SFPC twitter. He will develop guidelines for board members on posting information. He will present those guidelines at our next formal board meeting.


Juan Gonzales and Ed Remitz develop two banners for use at club events. The board agreed to the red banner. Juan will order the banner and get reimbursed by the club.


July 11

5-6 p.m.

Via Zoom

(This is a special meeting to discuss our November awards banquet. We will close the meeting by deciding on our next formal meeting.)

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