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October 3rd 2022 Press Club Board Minutes

Present:  Curtis Sparrer, Juan Gonzales, Dan Rosenheim, Ed Remitz, Jane Northrop, Ritu Jha, Daniel Brown, Kevin Fagan, Dave Price, and Antonia Ehlers.

Absent:  Jim Henderson

Guest:  Julia Gitis


The Board approved Julia Gitis as a new board member.


Curtis Sparrer reported SFPC received 307 entries. The Board approved extending the deadline to Friday, Oct. 7 at 12 midnight.


The Board approved an in-person awards program for Thursday, Dec. 8 from 5-10 p.m. at the New Delhi Indian Restaurant that is near the Powell Street BART station. The capacity is from 120-150 people. There is valet parking nearby. 

People will be able to chose their main entree and the meal comes with two drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The cost is $5,400. 

Curtis Sparrer will seek sponsors to help underwrite the banquet that will feature as keynote speaker Phil Matier, former San Francisco Chronicle columnist. Curtis reported he already has someone interested in donating $2,000. 

We need to firm up these plans and the cost to attendees, so that we can send out notices about the banquet, especially to the contest winners. Work that still needs to be done includes develop the acutal program, promote the event, and email an invitation to our membership. It was suggested to utilize an intern to help with the program.


Monday, Oct. 17, 5-6 p.m.


Final Entry Count

Finalize Banquet

Student Membership

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