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November 9th 2022 Press Club Board Minutes

Present:  Ed Remitz, Dan Rosenheim, Curtis Sparrer, Jane Northrop, Juan Gonzales, Ritu Jha,       Dave Price, Julia Gitis, & Kevin Fagan

Guest: Terry Williams

Absent: Jim Henderson , Antonia Ehlers, & Daniel Brown


Curtis Sparrer reported that OutVoice, a startup that allows small publications to pay freelancers with a click of a button, has donated $2,500 to help meet banquet expenses.


Terry Williams reported that 35 people have already registered for the banquet which is a good start toward meeting our goal of 100 attendees. But she said the $55 fee is too low to meet our banquet costs, so she suggested we consider increasing the fee in the coming week. After some discussion, the Board agreed to increase the fee to $75 effective 11/16 and $100 at the door.

Curtis will update our current release by 11/10 for distribution via social media and our webite. He will send Board members a copy of the release for posting on our own websites and doing an email blast to our friends and colleagues.

Since the maximum capacity of the venue is 200, the Board hopes to intensify the outreach to attract at least 150 people to ensure we break even or make a small profit. Curtis said he will be sending the banquet information to the 2,800 people on our mailing list. He will also be asking Jennifer Devine to do some social media promotion. He also wants to encourage some media coverage on our event — so you members who are reporters please pitch our event to your assignment desk.

In the meantime, Terry and Julie Faber from the Hilton will figure out the menu. Terry will also plan the program. She will provide the name badges, award certificates, marking pens, etc. She will also look into the hotel’s health protocal.

Board members inquired about the total cost for banquet. Curtis said he would send Board members a copy of the contract, but it included the cost for a space rental, served meal, AV equipment, lighting, registration table, background recorded music, etc.

Juan Gonzales reported that he ordered a vinyl, 8’x4′ SFPC banner that should arrive at his home by mid-November. Curtis said he will be looking into securing a step and report for photos.

In the meantime, the Board has to decide who will be getting the special awards and Curtis will check-in with Antonia Ehlers on where to purchase the tropies. Ed Remitz will gather old typewriters for table centerpieces (if you have one, let Ed know). Dan Rosenheim will approach  KPIX for someone who can serve as banquet host.

Lastly, Curtis and Terry agreed that we need to do a walk-through on Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. Juan suggested we announce at the banquet a follow-up get together in the early part of 2023. The social mixer would include live music by Kevin Fagan and the Irish Newsboys. Suggested venues are the Elks Club, Lefty O’Doul, and the Cadillac Bar & Grill. Curtis suggested we hold the mixer sometime between late January to early March. The Board agreed. The Board will finalize the details at the upcoming meeting.

NEXT MEETINGS (focused on the banquet)

Nov. 21

Nov. 28

Dec. 05

5-6 p.m.

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