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WINNERS: San Francisco Press Club 45th Annual Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards

Magazines/Trade Publications: Business/Technology Story

1. Kartikay Mehrotra, Olga Kharif, “Ransomware HQ: Moscow’s Tallest Tower Is a Cybercriminal Cash Machine”, Bloomberg Businessweek
2. Christopher J. Palermo, “The California Texodus”, Climate Magazine
3. Jill Singleton, “From a Corporate Helm to Developing a Marina: Mark Sanders”, Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Columns-Features

1. Jim Clifford, “History columns by Jim Clifford”, Climate Magazine
2. Aaron Lambert, “Free Will With A Side of Mischief;9 Innings, 7 Gifts-Baseball Movies and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Dune: Dreams and the Messianic Parable”, Catholic San Francisco Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Cover Design

1. Jim Kirkland, “Friends with Faux?”, Climate Magazine
2. Jim Kirkland, “Loneliness”, Climate Magazine
3. Jim Kirkland, “Redwood City’s Split wit the 49ers”, Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Environment/Nature Report

1. Jessica Wolfrom, “At The Art World’s Edge”, Nob Hill Gazette
2. Laura Hilgers, “Farming In Harmony”, Nob Hill Gazette
3. Jeanne Cooper, Ann Wycoff, Mimi Towle, Lisa Hilgers, Kasia Pawlowska “Thar She Blows”, Local Getaways

Magazines/Trade Publications: Feature Layout Design

1. Jim Kirkland, “What’s on Tap”, Climate Magazine
2. Jim Kirkland, “Marine World 2.0?”, Climate Magazine 3. Jim Kirkland, “Motorcycle Madness”, Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Aditi Malhotra, “Mind games: A guide for keeping our cognitive abilities sharper as we age”,

Diversity Woman magazine

2. Kirsten Jones Neff, Lotus Abrams, Jessica Gliddon, Mimi Towle, “When the Headlands Had Warheads: Reconciling Marin’s Nuclear Past While Looking to the Future”, Marin Magazine
2. David Wells, Lotus Abrams, Bryan McDonald, Jessica Gliddon, Mimi Towle “Surfing Is More Popular Than Ever: And Now, California’s State Sport Is Going to the Olympics”, Marin Magazine

3. Nicholas A. Veronico, “Remembering the 1945 Navy Plane Crash in San Carlos Hills”,

Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Don Shoecraft, “What’s on Tap for a Thirsty Bay Area?”, Climate Magazine 2. Elizabeth Sloan, “The Other Epidemic”, Climate Magazine
3. Christina Gray, “The Epiphany Center”, Catholic San Francisco Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Headline

1. Scott Dailey, “Divorce NFL Style: The 49ers’ romance with Santa Clara is getting rocky. For Redwood City, it’s deja-vu.”, Climate Magazine
2. Christina Gray, “Foodie Fathers”, Catholic San Francisco Magazine
3. Janet McGovern, “Charging into the Future”, Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Investigative Reporting

1. Peter Waldman, Lauren Etter, “How Target Got Cozy With the Cops, Turning Black Neighbors Into Suspects”, Bloomberg Businessweek

Magazines/Trade Publications: Photography / Feature

1. Jim Kirkland, “Marine World 2.0?”, Climate Magazine
2. Jim Kirkland, “What’s on Tap?”, Climate Magazine
3. Jim Kirkland, “Student Pilots Get a Big Lift”, Climate Magazine

Magazines/Trade Publications: Profile

1. Lauren Smiley, “He Thought He Could Outfox the Gig Economy. He Was Wrong.”, Wired magazine
2. Anh-Minh Lee, “Creative Thinking: Nonprofits Adapt and Continue to Support Artists With Disabilities”, Nob Hill Gazette

3. Mimi Towle, Kasia Pawlowska, Lisa Hilgers, Nikki Wood, Sabrina Tuton-Filson “King of the Road: Bay Area Backroads’ Doug McConnell”, Local Getaways

Magazines/Trade Publications: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Josh Eidelson, “The Labor Market’s Tectonic Shifts”, Bloomberg Businessweek

Magazines/Trade Publications: Sports Feature

1. Dan Brown, “The Unlikely Olympian”, Climate Magazine
2. Jim Kirkland, “Motorcycle Madness”, Climate Magazine
3. Dan Brown, “Football Coach Engineers a Miracle Comeback: His Wife’s”, Climate Magazine

Newspapers-Daily: Blog / Commentary

1. Michelle Robertson, “San Francisco has a major image problem”, SFGATE
2. Dan Gentile, “What it’s like to move to San Francisco without a tech job”, SFGATE

Newspapers-Daily: Business/Technology Story

1. Carly Stern, Sharon O’Neal, “’Grandfamily’ Housing Caters to Older Americans Raising Children”, The New York Times
2. Grant Marek, “AllTrails lists dangerous shortcut to Alamere Falls, the Bay Area’s most incredible waterfall”, SFGATE

3. Grant Marek, “I found the Bay Area hill in Windows XP’s iconic wallpaper”, SFGATE

Newspapers-Daily: Columns-Features

1. Elaine Moore, “Lex in-depth: does Uber deserve its $91bn valuation?”, Financial Times
2. Jaya Padmanabhan, “In Brown Type: SF Has Lost Thousands of Trees, Single Family Zoning, Domestic Violence Asylum Seekers”, San Francisco Examiner
3. Dave Price, “Dave Price’s lighter side of local news”, Palo Alto Daily Post

Newspapers-Daily: Columns-News/Political

1. Dave Price, “Dave Price’s news columns”, Palo Alto Daily Post
2. Joel Engardio, “Columns by Joel P. Engardio”, San Francisco Examiner

Newspapers-Daily: Columns-Sports

1. Drew Magary, “Drew Magary sports columns”, SFGATE
2. Fred Baer, “Tokyo Olympic Games (in 2021) On Site Column Style Coverage”, San Mateo Daily Journal

Newspapers-Daily: Editorial

1. Zaki Hasan, “New ‘Law & Order’ skirts policing myths”, San Francisco Chronicle
2. Dave Price, “Editorial: Police decision to encrypt radio transmissions reduces transparency”, Palo Alto Daily Post
3. Alex Arabian, “6 films and shows that authentically portray people with disabilities”, San Francisco Chronicle

Newspapers-Daily: Editorial Cartoon

1. Dave Price, “The Palo Alto Process”, Palo Alto Daily Post 2. Steve Curl, “Police scanners go silent”, Palo Alto Daily Post

Newspapers-Daily: Entertainment Review

1. Zaki Hasan, “New series offers fresh perspective on ‘Wonder Years’”, San Francisco Chronicle

Newspapers-Daily: Environment/Nature Report

1. Dustin Gardiner, “To fight off a California dust bowl, the state will pay farmers to reimagine idle land”, San Francisco Chronicle
2. Jessica Wolfrom, “Is San Francisco losing its fog? Scientists fear the worst”, San Francisco Examiner

3. Victoria Sepulveda, “How a Bay Area marsh was saved from a $1 billion housing project”,


Newspapers-Daily: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Joshua Bote, “In 1998, these SF men got a tattoo to snag free tacos for life. Here’s what happened after.”, SFGATE
2. Sarah Feldberg, “She found a 100-year-old diary in her San Francisco home. Following its story changed her life”, San Francisco Chronicle
3. Margot Seeto, “Bay Area’s Filipino vegan chefs, once rejected, are finally gaining acceptance for their food”, San Francisco Chronicle
3. Madeline Wells, “A night at Smiley’s Saloon, the 170-year-old Bolinas bar claiming to be California’s oldest”, SFGATE

Newspapers-Daily: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Alex Arabian, “On 106th anniversary of Armenian genocide, a Bay Area-born film producer fights to spread the truth”, San Francisco Chronicle
2. J.D. Morris, “Three California towns transformed by wildfire: one rebuilding, one in ruins, one threatened”, San Francisco Chronicle

2. Carly Stern, Lena Felton, Ryan Bacic“Long-term caregiving is crushing women’s finances. These states could chart a new path.”, The Lily from The Washington Post
3. Benjamin Schneider, “The incredible story of William Leidesdorff, San Francisco’s Black founding father”, San Francisco Examiner

Newspapers-Daily: Front Page Design

1. Todd Trumbull, “June 16, 2021, front page”, San Francisco Chronicle 2. Dave Price, “The Giants – NL West Champs”, Palo Alto Daily Post

Newspapers-Daily: General News

1. Amy Graff, “’This photo captures how we feel’: Photo of firefighter in Big Sur’s Willow Fire goes viral”, SFGATE
2. Sydney Johnson, “San Francisco may take back $104 million in unused health care funds”, San Francisco Examiner

3. Ariana Bindman, “’No one focuses on the pain here’: Inside Oakland’s abandoned car epidemic”, SFGATE

Newspapers-Daily: Headline

1. Linda Houser Tafur, “The life-affirming history of S.F.’s death”, San Francisco Chronicle 2. Dave Price, “Lawyer, put that on my tab”, Palo Alto Daily Post
3. Dave Price, “Refreshing liquid falls from sky — Petrichor floats in the city’s air”, Palo Alto Daily Post

Newspapers-Daily: Investigative Reporting

1. Alex Coffey, “Who is John Fisher? Billionaire A’s owner won’t talk, so we spoke to over 20 people in his orbit.”, SFGATE
2. Cecilia Lei, King Kaufman, Tea Francesca Price, Sarah Feldberg, “California ordered this Marin County school district to desegregate. Is it working?”, San Francisco Chronicle

3. Emily Mibach, “Fire board member who said he supported chief called him insubordinate in a private email”, Palo Alto Daily Post

Newspapers-Daily: News Story

1. Lauren Hernandez, “’Take it down, melt it down’: San Jose residents urge officials to remove controversial statue”, San Francisco Chronicle
2. Lauren Hernandez, “No one disputes that San Joaquin County deputies punched detainee. The question is: Was it legal?”, San Francisco Chronicle

3. Dustin Gardiner, “Here’s where California’s recall Gavin Newsom movement is strongest”,

San Francisco Chronicle

Newspapers-Daily: Photography / Feature

1. Lance Yamamoto, “Master chef Martin Yan on ‘Yan Can Cook,’ Julia Child and the future of Bay Area restaurants”, SFGATE
2. Lance Yamamoto, “NorCal’s first Legoland opens today, and there’s a 1M-brick re-creation of the Bay Area”, SFGATE

Newspapers-Daily: Podcast – News

1. Cecilia Lei, King Kaufman, Demian Bulwa, Sarah Feldberg, Tea Francesca Price “Fifth & Mission”, San Francisco Chronicle

Newspapers-Daily: Profile

1. Veronica Irwin, “When it comes to San Francisco’s homeless crisis, Wayne Justmann has seen it all”, San Francisco Examiner
2. Susana Guerrero, “Master chef Martin Yan on ‘Yan Can Cook,’ Julia Child and the future of Bay Area restaurants”, SFGATE

3. Andrew Chamings, “An influencer who bought a California ghost town is ready to die there”,


Newspapers-Daily: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Kevin Fagan, “Doodler serial killer podcast and story series”, San Francisco Chronicle
2. Nanette Asimov, “Long COVID: The emergence of a mysterious and terrifying syndrome”, San Francisco Chronicle
3. Carly Stern, Mollie Bryant, Sharon O’Neal“Exploring the impact of housing insecurity and evictions on vulnerable communities”, The New York Times, Big If True

Newspapers-Daily: Sports Feature

1. Greg Keraghosian, “These two lifelong friends attended the first Bay Area NBA game: Lakers vs. Celtics at Cow Palace”, SFGATE
2. Gabe Fernandez, “The notorious 49ers-Raiders preseason game is back, and no one will tell us why”, SFGATE

3. David Curran, “The pickleball takeover is here. Bay Area tennis players are scared.”, SFGATE

Digital Media: Blog / Commentary

1. Tom Jacobs, “The Dark and Light of James Levine”, San Francisco Classical Voice
2. Srishti Prabha, Ayyana Gandhi, Avatans Kumar, Medha Sarkar, “Desi Voices”, India Currents
2. Joel Engardio, “A Week That Feels Like the Past Century”, Joel Engardio Blog
3. Julia Landau, “An Interrogation of Grief”, MindSite News

Digital Media: Breaking News

1. Jon Swartz, Therese Poletti, “The Zillow implosion”, MarketWatch

Digital Media: Business/Technology Story

1. Levi Sumagaysay, “Contractor slashed Facebook janitors’ paid holidays and blamed the tech giant, but reversed course after questions”, MarketWatch
2. Ian King, Tom Giles, “Intel’s Latest Hail Mary Is a $20 Billion Bet on American Manufacturing”, Bloomberg

3. Eugene Kim, “Inside Amazon’s struggle to break into the lucrative market for SaaS business applications, including an internal pitch to buy $38 billion HubSpot”, Insider
3. Ashleigh Hollowell, “How IT leaders in Ukraine continue to innovate despite the war”, VentureBeat

Digital Media: Columns-Features

1. Tony Hicks, “Insert Foot”, Riff
2. George Anders, “The Wider Good”, LinkedIn News
3. Malcolm Fleschner, “Culture Shlock by Malcolm Fleschner”, Self Published on Substack

Digital Media: Columns-News/Political

1. Tim Hoffman, “The ramifications of American fascism, which is still here”, Riff
2. Joe Eskenazi, “Writing San Francisco”, Mission Local
3. Jaya Padmanabhan, Meera Kymal, Ritu Marwah“The Desi Voter”, India Currents

Digital Media: Environment/Nature Report

1. Todd Woody, “Meet the New Climate Refugee in Town: Coyotes”, Bloomberg
2. Liza Gross, “Harnessing Rice Fields to Resurrect California’s Endangered Salmon”, Inside Climate News
3. Olivia Wynkoop, “Coastal Commission plan to kill rodents in Farallon Islands gets mixed reaction”, Bay City News
3. Jonathan Greenberg, “Historic CA-SAFE Trailer Bill Would Allocate $750 Million to Build Microgrids & Prevent Fires”, The Sonoma Independent

Digital Media: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Sophie Bearman, Mimi Schiffman, Peter Bell“Meet San Francisco’s 14-Year-Old Wild Yeast Wrangler”, The San Francisco Standard
2. Ellen Huet, “They Invented the Must-Have Instrument for the Burning Man Set. Now They Want to Kill It Off”, Bloomberg

2. Roman Gokhman, “How San Jose native Sean Miyashiro built Asian arts giant 88rising”, Riff 3. Lou Fancher, “Love It or Hate It: Musicians Come to Terms With Performing for the Camera”, San Francisco Classical Voice

Digital Media: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Tom Dotan, “How Gopuff’s operational chaos left pallets of food to spoil outside warehouses around the country”, Insider
2. Sindya Bhanoo, Molly Oleson, Helene Goupil“Report Card”, Mission Local
2. David Sjostedt, “A Mother, an Officer, a Heartbreaking Death: How a Program for Addicts Stumbled on the Streets of the Tenderloin”, The San Francisco Standard

3. Woody Weingarten, “In the wake of anti-Asian, anti-Black violence, the theater world grapples with its role in racism”, Bay City News

Digital Media: General News

1. Ritu Jha, “’I feel so bad, so bad about what has happened’ Indian-American who carried Indian flag at Trump’s rally”, Indica News
2. Priya Anand, Mark Bergen, “Big Teacher Is Watching: How AI Spyware Took Over Schools”, Bloomberg

2. Emily Wilson, “A Legacy Imperiled: Music at Mills College”, San Francisco Classical Voice 3. Eleni Balakrishnan, “Nonprofits struggle with how to handle rape allegations”, Mission Local

Digital Media: Headline

1. Jonathan Greenberg, “Burying 500 miles of Overhead Lines Would End the Plague of Power Shutdowns: Why Won’t California Do It?”, The Sonoma Independent

Digital Media: Investigative Reporting

1. Scott Morris, “Former Solano County gun club was hotbed of Three Percenter activity”, The Vallejo Sun
2. Joe Eskenazi, “Rodrigo Santos and the lessons he teaches”, Mission Local
3. Meera Kymal, Anjana Nagarajan-Butaney, “Transnational Abandonment”, India Currents
3. Joy Wiltermuth, “Exclusive: Blackstone-backed company cuts ties with Servpro franchise that allegedly neglected child migrants”, MarketWatch

Digital Media: News Story

1. Jackson Guilfoil, “Digital Divide Cuts Into the Tenderloin”, Bay City News
2. Levi Sumagaysay, Jon Swartz, Therese Poletti“The Silicon Valley ‘exodus’”, MarketWatch 3. Saul Sugarman, “Elizabeth Holmes Clutched Her Mom’s Hand Ahead of Brutal Closing Arguments in Theranos Trial”, The Daily Beast
3. Scott Morris, “Outside investigation of Vallejo detective Mat Mustard jeopardizes criminal prosecutions”, The Vallejo Sun

Digital Media: Photography / Feature

1. Camille Cohen, “Countries Apart, But Held Together by a San Francisco Sculpture Garden”,

The San Francisco Standard

Digital Media: Podcast – News

1. Shawn Wen, Shelly Banjo, “Foundering: The TikTok Story”, Bloomberg

Digital Media: Profile

1. Michael Zwiebach, “Composer Anthony Davis Imagines His Freedom”, San Francisco Classical Voice
2. Lydia Sviatoslavsky, “How Cynthia ‘Empress’ Yee is preserving SF Chinatown’s glamorous showgirl history”, Bay City News
2. Rowena Gonden, “SF resident launches ‘Proud Stutter’ podcast on International Stuttering Awareness Day”, Bay City News
3. Lily O’Brien, “Chinese Pipa Master Min Xiao-Fen Breaks With Tradition to Explore New Genres”, San Francisco Classical Voice

Digital Media: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Sarah Henry, “Series on the portrayal of mental illness in popular culture”, MindSite News
2. Srishti Prabha, “Pandemic Impact: Ethnic Grocery Stores”, India Currents
3. Jonathan Greenberg, “Series Exposing Permit Sonoma’s Inhuman Eviction War on the Poor”, The Sonoma Independent
3. John Glidden, Brian Krans, Scott Morris “Coverage of Vallejo police shooting of Sean Monterrosa”, The Vallejo Sun

Digital Media: Sports Feature

1. Mike Kuba, “Balls, Bats and Top Hats: These S.F. Baseball Teams Play By 1886 Rules”, The San Francisco Standard
2. Daniel Hardee, Thomas Bevilacqua, “’21 Season Review: Assessing James Wiseman’s rookie campaign”, DubNationHQ

Digital Media: Videography

1. Jesse Rogala, Christina Campodonico, “A Monument To The ‘Mothers of Gynecology’ Rises In San Francisco”, The San Francisco Standard

Television/Video: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Haaziq Madyun, “My tribute to @KRON4 MGonzales who is retiring after 44 years in broadcasting”, KRON 4
2. Katie Nielsen, Jim Flanagan, Robert Horn“Bay Area Bright Spots”, KPIX CBS 5

Television/Video: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. John Blackstone, John Goodwin, Christine Weicher, Ben McCormick, Kathleen Seccombe “San Francisco’s Challenges with Mayor London Breed”, CBS News

Television/Video: General News

1. Andres Brender, “Santa Rosa Earthquake”, KSTS Telemundo 48
2. Katie Nielsen, Jim Flanagan, Dave Block, Courtney McCleod, “Lottery Dreams”, KPIX CBS 5 3. Andres Brender, “6 year old killed”, KSTS Telemundo 48

Television/Video: Live Report

1. Maureen Kelly, “Reporter Saves Life with Narcan”, KRON 4

Television/Video: News Story

1. Maureen Kelly, “How to prevent a deadly drug overdose”, KRON 4
2. Haaziq Madyun, “UPS driver claims she was racially profiled after double parking in San Francisco”, KRON 4

Television/Video: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Katie Nielsen, Alex Montano, Courtney McCleod, Anne Makovec, Sophie Mattson “The Caldor Fire: Race to Save Lake Tahoe”, KPIX CBS 5
2. Maureen Kelly, “On the Streets: The Homeless Crisis”, KRON 4

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Blog / Commentary

1. Amalia Laventure, “It’s not a conflict; it’s state-sanctioned genocide against Palestine”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Business/Technology Story

1. Matthew Bajko, “Chick-fil-A opens near SF city line”, Bay Area Reporter

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Columns-News/Political

1. Matthew Bajko, “Political Notebook column”, Bay Area Reporter 2. Carlos Barón, “The Devil’s Advocate”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Editorial Cartoon

1. Eva Moschitto, “Periodismo y Prisión”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Eva Moschitto, “San Quentin’s Wall City magazine gives voice and opportunity to prisoners”,

El Tecolote
2. Jim Provenzano, “’Smahtguy” – Eric Orner’s new book about Barney Frank”, Bay Area Reporter
3. David Landis, “Poesia Delivers An Authentic Calabrian Dining Experience”, San Francisco Bay Times

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Casey Ticsay, “Prevention Through Deterrence: The Guiding Strategy of U.S. Immigration Enforcement”, El Tecolote
2. Alix Wall, “From Germany to America: A Family’s Legacy, Preserved in Porcelain”, J The Jewish News Weekly

3. Matthew Bajko, “LGBTQ History Month: Until legal ruling, Disneyland banned same-sex dancers”, Bay Area Reporter

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Front Page Design

1. Alexis Terrazas, “We tried to tell y’all”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Investigative Reporting

1. Adriana Camarena, Alexis Terrazas, “Rent made sheltering-in-place impossible for many of SF’s Latinx immigrants”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: News Story

1. Juan Moreno Haines, Kevin Deroi Sawyer, “Following deadly COVID outbreak, inmates at San Quentin grapple with vaccinations”, El Tecolote
2. Matthew Bajko, “California not tracking COVID vaccinations in LGBTQ residents”, Bay Area Reporter

3. Veronica Irwin, “Tell ‘Em Where to Go: Oakland’s Sideshow Culture”, SF Weekly Newspapers-Non-Daily: Photography / Feature

1. Katherine Castillo, “Mission History Matters”, El Tecolote Newspapers-Non-Daily: Photography / News

1. Sean Reyes, “Free Palestine”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Photography / Photo Series

1. Benjamin Fanjoy, “Frisco Five: Five years later”, El Tecolote 2. Benjamin Fanjoy, “Bordering on hope”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Photography / Sports

1. Benjamin Fanjoy, “Chasing a dream”, El Tecolote

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Profile

1. Alexis Terrazas, “Feminist rapper Rebeca Lane channels activism through lyrical quest for liberation”, El Tecolote
2. Alex Arabian, “Halloween Meltdown host John Waters talks trash”, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Newspapers-Non-Daily: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Maura Corkery, “Are we there yet? COVID-19 and the impending return to the classroom”, El Tecolote
2. Casey Ticsay, Carlos Martinez, Amalia Laventure“Immigration”, El Tecolote

Radio/Audio: Editorial

1. Wren Farrell, Gabe Grabin, “Pills And Productivity: A Personal Perspective”, KALW

Radio/Audio: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Brian Watt, “As Giants and Dodgers Face Off, a Superfan Takes to McCovey Cove in Hunt for the Next ‘Splash Hit’”, KQED Public Radio
2. Sofie Kodner, David Boyer, James Rowlands, Gabe Grabin, “Bay Area Wildlife Habitats Are Disappearing. Fox Guy Has A Plan.”, KALW
3. Babette Thomas, Lisa Morehouse, Gabe Grabin, James Rowlands, “West Oakland House Mural Brings The Women Of The Black Panther Party To The Forefront”, KALW

Radio/Audio: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Molly Solomon, “How A Landless Native American Tribe in California Is Housing Its Members”, KQED Public Radio
2. Angela Johnston, Lisa Morehouse, James Rowlands, Gabe Grabin, “Shelter-In-Place Hotels Offer Unlikely Health Benefits For Houseless Seniors”, KALW
3. James Henderson, “Urgent Need to Reopen Schools”, KHMB Radio

Radio/Audio: Investigative Reporting

1. Molly Solomon, Erin Baldassari, “Grandma Challenges Real Estate Giant In Early Test of New California Law”, KQED Public Radio
2. Christopher Egusa, Hana Baba, Lisa Morehouse, Gabe Grabin, James Rowlands “Dismissed: COVID-19 And Disability In California”, KALW
3. Dan Brekke, “’High Pain, Low Gain’: How Bridge Toll Penalties Pile Debt on Lower-Income Drivers”, KQED Public Radio

Radio/Audio: News Story

1. Sunni Khalid, Hana Baba, James Rowlands, Gabe Grabin, “Local governments and communities grapple with how to cope with people living out of their vehicles”, KALW

Radio/Audio: Podcast – General Interest

1. Claudia Cowan, Georeen Tanner, Cyd Upson, Mike Sullivan, Tom Whitaker “Nightmare in Chowchilla: The School Bus Kidnapping”, Fox News Podcasts
2. Elaine Moore, “Look who’s talking – the rise of ‘voice cloning’”, BBC
3. Sonia Narang, Azul Dahlstrom-Eckman, David Exumè, Annelise Finney, Carla Esteves “What Works: Grassroots Solutions Around The Bay”, KALW

Radio/Audio: Podcast – News

1. Hana Baba, Angela Johnston, Lisa Morehouse, Gabe Grabin, James Rowlands “Crosscurrents”, KALW

Radio/Audio: Public Affairs Program (Staff of 1-4)

1. Rose Aguilar, Malihe Razazan, Lea Ceasrine, Kevin Vance, “Your Call”, KALW
2. Bill Buchanan, “Amid drought and frightening wildfires, Davis is relatively fortunate”, KDRT 3. Bill Buchanan, “New UC Davis research says teens who bully often target their friends”, KDRT

Radio/Audio: Series or Continuing Coverage

1. Erin Baldassari, Molly Solomon, “Thousands of Bay Area Tenants Evicted, Despite Pandemic Protections”, KQED Public Radio
2. Holly McDede, Alice Woelfle, Chris Egusa, David Boyer, James Rowlands “The Progressive Prosecutor”, KALW
3. Sasha Khokha, Victoria Mauleon, Brian Watt, Brendan Willard, Hank Warner “COVID Obituaries”, KQED Public Radio

Radio/Audio: Sports Feature

1. Christopher Beale, “Queer Performers Making Space In Professional Wrestling”, KALW
2. Brian Watt, “As Giants and Dodgers Face Off, a Superfan Takes to McCovey Cove in Hunt for the Next ‘Splash Hit’”, KQED Public Radio
3. Rohan Baxi, “Timeout Radio – Episode 41. 26.2 Miles”, KDRT

College Media: Best College Magazine

1. Etc. Magazine Staff, “Spring Issue 2021; Fall Issue 2021”, Etc. Magazine College Media: Best College Newspaper

1. Guardsman Staff, “Vol. 171 #1; Vol. 171 #6; Vol. 171 #8”, The Guardsman

College Media: Blog / Commentary

1. Gene Thompson, “The Selfishness of Some Spells Death for the Rest of Us”, The Guardsman 2. Casey Michie, “And The World Stood Still”, The Guardsman

College Media: Breaking News

1. Annette Mullaney, “Board Approves 160 Full-time Faculty Layoff Notices as Part of Sweeping Cuts”, The Guardsman
2. Julie Zigoris, “Sunrise Gathering Continues Tradition of Native Activism on Alcatraz”, The Guardsman

College Media: Business/Technology Story

1. Annie Breen, Evan Elliot, Mary McInerney, Arvin Temkar, “USF Magazine, ’30 Under 30’”,

USF Magazine

College Media: Columns-News/Political

1. Tim Hill, “Three Columns by Tim Hill”, The Guardsman

College Media: Cover Design

1. Nina Irani, Emily Trinh, “2021 Fall and Spring Issues”, Etc. Magazine
2. Allison McGinn, “USF Magazine, ‘California Dreaming’”, USF Magazine

College Media: Editorial Cartoon

1. Erin Blackwell, “Budget Cuts”, The Guardsman

College Media: Environment/Nature Report

1. Barbara Jane Reyes, Stephanie A. Siehr, “USF Magazine, ‘California Dreaming’”, USF Magazine
2. Nina Irani, “Saving San Francisco One Species At A Time”, Etc. Magazine

College Media: Feature Layout Design

1. Allison McGinn, “USF Magazine, ‘California Dreaming’”, USF Magazine
2. Etc. Magazine Staff, “Inked: Meet Sanjay, the man behind the press”, Etc. Magazine 3. Etc. Magazine Staff, “Saving San Francisco One Species at a Time”, Etc. Magazine

College Media: Feature Story / Light Nature

1. Angela Greco, “The Pride of the Game”, The Guardsman
2. Casey Michie, “San Francisco Celebrates Opening of Black Point Historic Gardens”, The Guardsman

College Media: Feature Story / Serious Nature

1. Eileen Chia-Ching Fung, Evan Matthew Chan, “USF Magazine, ‘Confront the Past, Change the Future’ and ‘Fear in the Face of Hate’”, USF Magazine
2. Derek Chartrand Wallace, “Calel Olicia-Aramboles: Reading the Signs Leading to Rams’ Success”, The Guardsman

College Media: Front Page Design

1. Manon Cadenaule, “Volume 171 #2”, The Guardsman 2. Manon Cadenaule, “Volume 171 #4”, The Guardsman

College Media: General News

1. Emily Margaretten, “Resignation of Internal Auditor Reignites Oversight Debate”, The Guardsman
2. Kaiyo Funaki, “Undefeated in Record, Champions at Heart”, The Guardsman

College Media: Headline

1. Kaiyo Funaki, “From the Surf to the Turf: Anthony Gordon’s Road to the NFL”, The Guardsman

College Media: Investigative Reporting

1. Annette Mullaney, “Ongoing Budget Issues at CCSF have Deep and Complex Roots”, The Guardsman

College Media: Photography / Feature

1. Emily Trinh, “Art Finds a Way – Front Cover”, Etc. Magazine
2. Melvin Wong, “Are You Game? City College gets back on the field”, Etc. Magazine 3. Nina Irani, “Saving San Francisco One Species At A Time”, Etc. Magazine

College Media: Photography / News

1. Jonathan Allen, “USF Magazine, “Food With a View””, USF Magazine
2. Bob Kinoshita, “The Chancellor Finalists: Candidates Largely Align in Approaches to Restore Solvency, and In-Person Classes”, The Guardsman
3. Garrett Leahy, “Local Union Members Rally at City Hall Protesting Estimated 60% Faculty Cuts”, The Guardsman

College Media: Photography / Photo Series

1. Kevin Kelleher, Emily Trinh, “Inked: Meet Sanjay, the man behind the press”, Etc. Magazine 2. Nina Irani, “Saving San Francisco One Species at a Time”, Etc. Magazine
3. Onyx Hunter, “Autumn Moon Festival Entices Crowds Back to Chinatown”, The Guardsman

College Media: Photography / Sports

1. Erin Blackwell, Bob Kinoshita, “Rams’ Reign Continues with Strong Performances Versus Las Positas and Santa Rosa”, The Guardsman
2. Bob Kinoshita, “Rams Close Perfect Season with Win Against Riverside”, The Guardsman

Overall Excellence: Digital Media

1. Sophie Bearman, Jesse Rogala, Annie Gaus, Mike Kuba, Joel Aguero, The San Francisco Standard

Overall Excellence: Magazines/Trade Publications

1. Jennifer Massoni Pardini, Matt Petty, Anh-Minh Lee, Nob Hill Gazette Overall Excellence: Newspapers-Daily


Overall Excellence: Newspapers-Non-Daily

1. Michael Yamashita, Cynthia Laird, Jim Provenzano, Matthew Bajko, John Ferrannini, Bay Area Reporter

Overall Excellence: Radio/Audio

1. Natalia Navarro, Tara Siler, Alexander Gonzalez, Brian Watt, Dan Brekke, KQED Public Radio

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