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SF Press Club presents: “AI + Journalism = ?”

Journalism panel on AI’s impact on journalism and journalists takes place April 25 at 5:00 pm PDT at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus

Mountain View, California – April 11, 2023 – The San Francisco Press Club today announced its panel discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the newsroom April 25 in Mountain View.  Bloomberg reporter Rachel Metz will moderate the panel.  

Microsoft Bay Area Regional Site Leader and VP/GM of PowerPoint Shawn Villaron will host the event at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. Steve Clayton, Microsoft VP of Public Affairs, will join the panel alongside veteran Bay Area journalists for an engaging conversation on how AI is changing the way news is covered and written.

“I’m honored to be speaking with Bay Area journalists because we are entering an exciting new world where a massive platform shift towards artificial intelligence is taking place,” said Clayton. “Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, and now we are adding the incredible potential of AI to that purpose.”

Panelists include: 

Panelist Jon Swartz, senior reporter with MarketWatch, explained that the classic hype cycle vs. trust debate is at play here. “All new technology fosters a fair amount of skepticism and fear. Eventually, we find both harmful and beneficial results. AI is a tool, not a replacement. And there will be a rollercoaster for at least six months.”

“Bing and ChatGPT put AI at the center of nearly every conversation we’re having in the newsroom,” said Curtis Sparrer, president of the SF Press club and a principal of Bospar PR. “This is the best opportunity to hear from top journalists, the people who matter most about this important discussion.”

“Artificial intelligence is not a threat to journalism or storytelling,” said Michael Nunez, Editorial Director of VentureBeat. “It is a catalyst. It is a way to amplify our imagination and express our vision. It is a way to collaborate with machines and create something new and amazing.”

“Newsrooms are divided between those who fear generative AI and those who already embrace it,” said Julie Jammot, tech reporter for AFP. “But it’s now a question of how and when, not whether, media organizations incorporate the technology into their production. As for journalists, the challenging times ahead will hopefully unleash a flight to quality, not some Darwinian mass extinction.”

“I’ve been covering tech for more than 20 years,” said Benjamin Pimentel, Senior Technology Reporter for the SF Examiner. “The new AI frenzy unleashed after ChatGPT’s launch in November is probably the most exciting story I’ve ever covered.”


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Contact: Curtis Sparrer, curtis@bospar.com

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