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SF Press Club Names Bloomberg’s Lizette Chapman to its Board of Directors

San Francisco—May 21, 2024—The San Francisco Press Club today announced that Lizette Chapman has joined its board of directors by unanimous vote.  Lizette has served as a senior reporter covering startups and venture capital for Bloomberg Business since 2015. Previously, Lizette worked at The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The San Francisco Business Times and The Marin Independent Journal.

“I’m excited to help strengthen the community of journalists here in the Bay Area and the power of the fourth estate more broadly,” said Chapman. “As a lifelong journalist with a passion for education, I’m eager to join the San Francisco Press Club’s efforts to increase media literacy. Providing tools to fellow citizens, especially teens, to help them identify bias, misinformation, deepfakes and other ugly warts in today’s news landscape is critical to ensuring both our profession and our democracy thrive.”

“Lizette is a tech media legend,” said Curtis Sparrer.  “She started covering technology during the dot-com bust and now is reporting on the biggest issues of the day, all while being a mom, an eternal optimist, and dare I reveal it?  An aspiring saxophonist.  We’re excited about what we can do together!”


The San Francisco Press Club is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status. It was founded in 1963 to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and opinions between professionals in the various news and public relations media, providing an organization in which to share fellowship, promote professional competence and knowledge, encourage students entering journalism by offering scholarships, and increase public knowledge of the media through workshops and other exchanges of information.


Curtis Sparrer, curtis@bospar.com

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