Marinucci jumps to Politico

Marinucci Carla Marinucci, a longtime political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has landed a job at Politico, which is launching a California section. Politico is starting several regional sections, and most of the writers for these sections are coming from newspapers. The news that she had taken a new job was announced by Politico’s Mike Allen. Marinucci has been covering politics for the Chron since 1996 and has been with Hearst Newspapers since 1983. Here’s her Chron bio. (Photo

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Brown’s press aide off the hook for taping reporters

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office has decided that Attorney General Jerry Brown’s press spokesman didn’t break California’s eavesdropping law when he recorded an interview with Chron reporter Carla Marinucci. Communications director Scott Gerber is off the hook because, according to District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, the interviews were “meant for publication and airing.” The eavesdropping law, Penal Code Section 632, only applies to “confidential communications” and it excludes “any other circumstance in which the parties to the communication may reasonably

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Scheer: Taping reporter dumb, not illegal

Attorney and journalist Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition, says the controversy surrounding an attorney general’s spokesman recording Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci has been overblown. Scheer said the undisclosed taping of a phone conversation with a journalist is viewed as sleazy and a breach of journalistic protocol, but it is not necessarily illegal, contrary to the assumptions of many journalists. [More]

AG spokesman put on leave for taping reporter

Attorney General Jerry Brown has put on leave spokesman Scott Gerber, who taped a conversation he and other members of the AG’s office had with Chron reporter Carla Marinucci without her consent, a violation of the state’s wiretapping law, the Chron reported. The recording came to light when Gerber complained to Marinucci’s editors that she did not accurately report the remarks of one of the people in the conversation, Jim Humes, chief deputy attorney general. To make his point, Gerber

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Chron’s Obama interview ignites furor

Barack Obama’s comments to the Chron’s editorial board in January — during which he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and implement policies that would cause electric rates to “skyrocket” — are making news on the eve of the election. Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are asking why the comments have only surfaced now after audio of the Chron’s editorial board meeting was posted anonymously on YouTube. Chron editorial page editor John Diaz said in this morning’s Chron that both

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