Noncommercial KCSM-TV’s days are numbered

Noncommercial KCSM-TV (over-the-air channel 60, cable 17) will be shutting down next year after 49 years of broadcasting from San Mateo. The San Mateo County Community College District, which has been losing about $1 million a year on the station, agreed Wednesday to accept a bid from LocusPoint Networks, which wants to sell off the station’s spectrum space at an FCC auction next year. The deal, which was outlined at Wednesday night’s meeting of the college district’s board, calls for

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College district ponders future of KCSM-TV

The San Mateo County Community College District’s board on Wednesday (Nov. 14) will discuss what will become of KCSM-TV, the noncommercial station the college has operated since 1964. The station is losing about $1 million a year and the college put it up for sale last year. But last month, the college board decided to throw out the six bids it received, saying they lacked the money they claimed or wouldn’t meet FCC requirements for local control.

Two finalists in bidding for KCSM announced

The Palo Alto Daily Post reports that two organizations from Colorado that rescue troubled public broadcasting stations are finalists in the bidding for KCSM-TV, the money-losing noncommercial station the San Mateo County Community College District has put up for sale. One of the finalists, identified as San Mateo Community Television Corp., is an entity of Independent Public Media of Longmont, Colo., whose goal is to “recapitalize and sustain public television stations currently at risk,” according to its website. The other

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College plans to put KCSM-TV up for sale

Marilyn Lawrence The San Mateo County Community College District is planning to sell KCSM-TV to eliminate an ongoing drain on the district’s finances, the San Mateo County Times reports. “I’m disappointed,” KCSM General Manager Marilyn Lawrence said Thursday. “The station has been a legacy to the college. It’ll be a great loss to the community.” KCSM-TV already has drawn interest from four possible buyers and could fetch about $5 million, Lawrence said. She noted by way of comparison that public

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KCSM drops PBS, lays off six employees

Neil Gonzales of the San Mateo County Times reports that KCSM (43.1 digital, cable 17) has dropped its PBS affiliation and has laid off six staffers to avoid being sold. PBS cost KCSM $400,000 a year. “We’re trying to do everything we can to get it out of the red,” said Karen Schwarz, board president for the San Mateo County Community College District, which owns the license to the KCSM public television and radio stations. KCSM will no longer air

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KCSM-FM 91.1 facing budget problems

KCSM-FM 91.1 in San Mateo is facing money problems, KTVU and the San Mateo County Times reports. The station is licensed to the San Mateo County Community College District but has received the bulk of its funding from listeners for years. But a 12 percent chunk of its operating budget expected from the college district fell through this year when the district experienced deep cuts from the state. The station’s recent pledge drive drew more donations than ever, but it

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