Randi Rhodes returns to Green 960

Liberal talk show host Randi Rhodes has signed a deal with Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks and her new national show will air on CC’s Green 960 (KKGN-AM). Yes, it’s the same Premiere Radio Networks that syndicates Rush Limbaugh. Rhodes was the highest rated host on Air America, but lost her job in April 2008 when she called Hillary Clinton a “whore” at a Green 960 event. Rhodes will do her show from CC’s studios in Rockville, Md., and it

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Bay Area’s Maddow is new MSNBC star

The newest star at MSNBC is Rachel Maddow, a graduate of Castro Valley High School and Stanford University, a former San Francisco ACT-UP activist and once a host on the Air America radio network. The Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli says Maddow’s “fledgling show offers a glimmer of hope that civil conversation could occur on cable, even during a political campaign in which the networks spend hours parsing the meaning of ‘lipstick on a pig.’” (Photo credit: Virginia Sherwood, NBC)

Station drops progressive format for oldies

You’d think that Santa Cruz would be the last place where a progressive talk radio station would have trouble. But KOMY-AM 1340 owner Michael Zwerling tells Brad Kava of the Mercury News that he couldn’t sell advertising on a station that carries the Air America Radio Network, with hosts such as Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow. So he’s changing the format to a 1960s oldies station. Zwerling’s other AM station in Santa Cruz, KSCO-AM 1080, is going strong

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Clear Channel boots several SF employees

Ben Fong-Torres, in his radio column in today’s Chron, reports that Clear Channel has terminated about a dozen employees including Star 101 program director James Baker, KNEW program director Clark Reid, KNEW news director Ellen Hyatt and KQKE promotions director Mike Capozzola. CC’s local president and market manager, Kim Bryant, says the company isn’t cutting jobs, pointing out that she’s added new sales and Internet jobs. Fong-Torres also notes that CC’s KQKE 960 has dropped Al Franken (left), the biggest

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Air America’s woes won’t stop ‘The Quake’

The bankruptcy filing of liberal radio network Air America won’t have any immediate impact on its Bay Area affiliate, The Quake (KQKE-AM 960), according to KQKE Programming Director Bob Agnew. According to the Associated Press, Air America plans to stay on the air during bankruptcy. It filed only after a creditor threatened to seize the network’s assets. Clear Channel owns both KQKE and conservative KNEW 910, and Agnew serves as programming director of both stations.