Bay Area Reporter turns 40, oldest gay paper

The Bay Area Reporter is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary and is now the oldest continuously published gay newspaper in the nation. On April 7, BAR will print a special expanded issue that includes a retrospective of its four-decade history and the most important stories it has covered. The edition will also announce the results of BAR’s first readers choice awards, the Best of the Gays. Also on April 7, 2011 and for approximately one-week following, the Bay Area Reporter

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Gay reporters discuss ethics of ‘outing’

In 1992, when the first convention of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association was held, the late Chronicle reporter Randy Shilts and Andrew Sullivan, editor of the New Republic at the time, both vehemently opposed outing public officials. Today, there’s been a shift. At this year’s convention in San Francisco earlier this month, Sullivan attacked the mainstream media for NOT investigating the rumors that Elena Kagan was a lesbian. And the Chron’s Matier & Ross outed Prop. 8 lawsuit

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Reporter, PR man Allen White dies

Warren “Allen” White, a former reporter for gay newspapers who later did public relations work for churches and other organizations, died Sunday at age 70, according to the Bay Area Reporter, where he had once worked. He was also a reporter at the defunct Sentinel gay newspaper. “His, at times ornery — but constructive — criticism, which he was never shy to share with me, will be greatly missed,” said state Sen. Mark Leno.