The upside of spying by HP

Chron columnist Jon Carroll says it’s good news that Hewlett Packard has been secretly spying on print reporters. Print reporters usually have to go to jail before anybody finds them newsworthy, he says. Carroll also explains “pretexting” — “It’s called ‘pretexting,’ apparently, because the investigators use a pretext to get the information requested. That is, they lie. They could call it ‘lying,’ but that’s such a harsh word.”

DOJ to probe HP’s ‘pretext’ activities

CNET is reporting that the U.S. Department of Justice has launched its own probe into the techniques Hewlett-Packard used to identify the source of media leaks. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California is “requesting information similar to that sought by the California Attorney General,” the computer maker said today in a regulatory filing. HP’s board is scheduled this afternoon to resume yesterday’s meeting where it was going to decide the fate of Chairwoman Patricia Dunn. Dunn

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Update and Commentary on HP scandal

The AP and other news outlets are reporting that Hewlett Packard’s board of directors adjourned an emergency phone meeting yesterday (Sept. 10) without announcing whether it would oust Chairwoman Patricia Dunn (pictured) for ordering an investigation that may have used illegal means to spy on colleagues and journalists. The board of the Palo Alto comany was scheduled to meet this afternoon. Here’s a wrap-up of the weekend’s developments in this scandal along with a list of the nine reporters whose

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9 reporters in HP scandal identified

The LA Times this morning has identified all nine reporters whose phone records were obtained by Hewlett Packard investigators: They are Peter Burrows, Ben Elgin and Roger Crockett of Business Week; Pui-Wing Tam and George Anders of the Wall Street Journal; John Markoff of the New York Times; and Dawn Kawamoto, Tom Krazit and Stephen Shankland of CNET’s The personal phone records of Shankland’s father, Thomas, a physicist in New Mexico, were also compromised, according to CNet. It’s unclear

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HP obtained phone records of 9 journalists

Palo Alto-based Hewlett Packard is admitting tonight (Sept. 7) that the private investigators it hired to spy on its board members also surreptitiously acquired the phone records of several journalists in an attempt to find out who was leaking secret board room information. Bloomberg is reports that HP’s investigators obtained the phone records of nine journalists. An unidentified company spokesman tells the Financial Times: “We are absolutely horrified that the records of journalists were accessed without their authorization.” The statement

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