Metro says Merc’s lying about taking news racks

Dan Pulcrano, owner of San Jose’s Metro, has this posted a point by point response to the Mercury News’ claims about the discovery of its competitors’ newspaper racks in a Merc dumpster. Again, my usual disclosure. The editor of the Press Club’s webpage is Dave Price, editor, publisher and co-owner of the Palo Alto Daily Post. The Merc took at least three Post racks.

Competitors’ news racks found in back lot of San Jose Mercury News, police investigate

San Jose police have opened an investigation of the Mercury News after dozens of newspaper racks from competing publications were found in the Merc’s back lot. The company Circulation Management, which distributes free publications, discovered the racks on Wednesday. Many had been thrown into a metal recycling bin. CBS5’s live shot from outside the Merc Publishers of San Jose Metro and the Palo Alto Daily Post said they never gave the Merc permission to handle their newsracks, yet their racks

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Printer moving from Redwood City to San Jose

Southwest Offset Printing — which has a plant in Redwood City that prints the Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Alto Daily Post, Financial Times West Coast edition and many other newspapers — has signed a new 10-year lease with AMB Property Corp. to move its presses to San Jose, the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports. The company is moving to a 68,502-square-foot facility at 587 Charcot in North San Jose. The deal was worked out through the San Jose Redevelopment Agency,

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NY Times reports on Palo Alto newspapers

New York Times reporter Miguel Helft writes in Sunday’s edition: People in Palo Alto frequently call Dave Price a contrarian. While they typically mean it as a slam, Mr. Price, the co-founder and editor of the Palo Alto Daily Post, considers it a badge of honor. “We are contrarian, but there are good reasons to be that way,” said Mr. Price, whose newspaper opposes just about everything that the city government does. Mr. Price’s contrarian streak extends to his take

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Surprise! Newspaper adds an edition

The Daily Post announced today that it will launch a Saturday edition starting this week. The Post will go from printing five days a week to six. The Post is based in Palo Alto and covers the Peninsula from Burlingame to Mountain View. The Post said the move will allow it to present Friday’s news in a more timely manner and give its advertisers another day to reach potential customers. The Post was started last year by Jim Pavelich and

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City Star becomes an Examiner insert

The Examiner on Friday stopped publishing its sister publication, The City Star, on a daily basis. Instead, the Star will become a section within the Examiner on Wednesday and Fridays. The move comes several months after the Palo Alto Daily Post pulled out of San Francisco to focus on the Peninsula. has more details. Full disclosure: The editor of the Press Club’s blog is Dave Price, also owner of the Post.

Bothun faces trial on child porn charge

The Daily News (formerly Palo Alto Daily News) reports that its former editor, Brian Bothun, will stand trial in September for allegedly possessing child pornography. In May 2008, Atherton police, responding to a report of domestic violence at Bothun’s Atherton home, were told by his angered partner that there was child pornography on his computer. Police seized the computer and last fall charged Bothun, 47, with possession of child pornography. Bothun’s attorney argued prosecutors could not prove the pornography was

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Former editor Bothun arrested again

Brian Bothun, former editor of the Palo Alto Daily News, has been arrested again on drug charges. This time Bothun was arrested at 4:50 a.m. on April 5 in a Palo Alto parking lot and booked for possessing and being under the influence of dangerous drugs, according to a report in The Almanac. He was cited for being under the influence of drugs by Menlo Park police in July 2008 and he was later charged with possession of child pornography

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Josh Wolf mugged in San Francisco

Josh Wolf, who was jailed a record 226 days for protecting source materials, reports that he has now been mugged in San Francisco by an inmate he met in prison. Wolf printed an account of his Feb. 4 mugging in the Palo Alto Daily Post, where he works as a reporter. Wolf identified his attacker at Terrell Trammell, 28, who he met at the Dublin Federal Detention Center three years earlier. Wolf said he didn’t know why Trammell decided to

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Daily Post out of SF, to focus on Peninsula

[Full disclosure: The editor of the Press Club blog, Dave Price, is also an owner of the Daily Post] In the next few weeks, the Daily Post plans to stop circulating in San Francisco and expand its distribution on the Peninsula, the paper reported. The Post, which operated during most of its run as the San Francisco Daily, focused on the city’s neighborhoods particularly the Marina, Fillmore, Castro and North Beach sections. The Examiner, apparently feeling threatened by the Post,

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