Chron pulls Nevius from political fundraiser

Chris Roberts of the SF Appeal (an online newspaper led by Eve Batey) reports that the Chronicle has pulled columnist C.W. “Chuck” Nevius from speaking at a political group’s $200-per-person fundraiser. The group is the Coalition for Responsible Growth, which “in 2008 backed moderate candidates for city supervisor over progressive candidates,” according to SF Appeal. Managing Editor Stephen Proctor told the SF Appeal he didn’t know about Nevius’ speech, which was scheduled for Sept. 9. After Proctor found out about

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Chron vows to ‘smash’ ‘naive’ New Media

SF Appeal has posted a memo Chron Metro Section Editor Audrey Cooper sent to her troops in which she says: “You are going to smash whomever is naive enough to poke their noses in our market. Bring it on!” Cooper didn’t mention F. Warren Hellman’s $5 million Bay Area News Project, but what else could she be talking about? Certainly SF Appeal, headed by Eve Batey, thinks Cooper is talking about the Hellman project.

Q&A with the editor of SF’s newest news site

San Francisco has a new online newspaper, SF Appeal, which offers original journalism as well as links to the best stories on other local sites. Former Chronicle deputy ME for online, Eve Batey (pictured), is the editor and publisher of the Appeal. Press Club webmaster Dave Price put the following questions to Batey: Q: Who is funding SF Appeal?  Batey: It’s self funded. We’re running lean! Real lean.  Q: What is the significance (if any) about the name San Francisco

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An online newspaper is born in San Francisco

Finally, some encouraging news about the news business. Eve Batey (former Chron deputy ME for online and before that a co-founder and writer for SFist) is the editor and publisher of the new San Francisco Appeal. It looks like a site local news junkies will bookmark because it has a lot of original reporting. “People are crazy hungry for journalism, they just don’t want it in the form a newspaper that appears on their doorstep,” Batey tells CBS5. The CBS5

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