Mabel from Livermore, don’t bother calling KGO

Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman says that KGO-AM is cutting off older callers as the station attempts to reach a younger demo. “It’s no secret that younger (read: A25-54) cute-sounding housewives from, say, Walnut Creek or Burlingame are given far more time than the old geezer from the outer avenues. Sounds harsh, but it’s true and it’s entirely consistently with KGO’s almost obscene over-embracement of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Gene Burns has medical scare prior to show

Burns KGO-AM talk show host Gene Burn had a medical scare prior to this show on Wednesday night that resulted in paramedics showing up to the station on Front Street, according to Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman. Lieberman said Burns fell to the ground during his pre-show prepping. He was OK, however, and able to do his 7-10 p.m. program. Burns has suffered a number of medical problems in the past year, prompting speculation about whether he’s going to be retiring

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KGO-AM news director to program KSFO

KGO-AM 810 News Director Ken Berry is taking over the role of program director at KSFO “Hot Talk” 560, the station that airs Brian Sussman and Rush Limbaugh. Former KGO-AM news director Paul Hosley, who left in 2009 to start his own social media company, will return to KGO as news and social media director. The changes are effective Dec. 29. Jack Swanson remains as operations manager and program director for KGO.

Citadel backs off of “shocking” pay plan

When Mickey Luckoff resigned at KGO-AM/KSFO GM and President, he slammed Farid Suleman, the CEO and chairman of station owner Citadel Broadcasting. Luckoff told Ben Fong-Torres: Luckoff Everything that the CBS people warned us about came true: total control, can’t spend a dime, and you’d have to go through layers … And then you found out that the layers were one person. He’s something else. He has no regard for people whatsoever. He’s apparently pretty damned skilled financially. To be

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Luckoff resigns, citing disagreements with Citadel

Luckoff with his Radio Hall of Fame award. Longtime KGO-AM and KSFO president and gm Mickey Luckoff abruptly resigned today, citing disagreements with the stations’ owner, Citadel Communications. “The day you’re not able to stand behind or believe in the decisions you are being asked to make is the day you must be true to yourself and to those you care about,” he said in a letter to staff that was obtained by the SF Business Journal. “Thus I am

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KGO-AM falls to No. 3 over holidays

People love Christmas music. A lot of people do. Because KOIT-FM jumped from third to first during the holiday season (from 4.3% in November to 8.1%) when it switched to all Christmas music. KGO-AM 810, which has been No. 1 since the Marconi era, fell to third. Remaining at No. 2 in both surveys was KCBS, which was likely bolstered by its FM signal (now just a year old). Here’s a link to the Arbitron ratings at And here’s

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“How come you’re cawlin’ a loy-yuh?”

That’s the question attorney Len Tillem asks on his top-rated noon-hour show on KGO 810. Andy Altman-Ohr of the J weekly profiled the 65-year-old Sonoma attorney. Turns out that Tillem’s sister screens every call, and only articulate people with salacious and interesting sagas make it on air. “I get e-mails how rude she is, which is her job,” Tillem says. “We are not Legal Aid. We are not there to help people on the telephone. We are there to find

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John Rothmann gets the Bernie Ward slot

KGO Newstalk 810 announced today that long-time overnight weekend host John Rothmann will become the permanent host of the 10 p.m.-1 a.m. time slot beginning Monday. That time slot has been vacant since the arrest of Bernie Ward on child porn charges in 2007. A number of hosts have been filling in, including Rothmann. Rothmann has been at KGO since August of 1996 when he was brought on as a fill-in. Then, in October of 1997 he was pegged for

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Gross responds to comments about advertisers

KGO-AM’s Gil Gross responded to some of the comments that were posted after our Aug. 28 item “Gil Gross drops sponsor over rape case.” But a lot of people don’t read the comment or only get the e-mail version of the Press Club blog (which doesn’t include comments). So we’ve decided to repeat his response below for everyone to see. Hi, it’s Gil. … let me answer those questions. For Purina I actually met with their vets and ran by

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