Raj Mathai to co-anchor at 6 and 11

Raj Mathai KNTV NBC Bay Area sports anchor Raj Mathai will be sliding one seat over on the news desk to co-anchor the station’s 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts next to Jessica Aguirre, the station announced today. The announcement comes two weeks after anchor Lisa Kim left the station after her contract was not renewed. Media blogger Rich Lieberman reported last Friday that Mathai would be taking on news anchoring duties, but KNTV made it official today and specified that Mathai

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CBS 5’s “Good Question” ends up on NBC 11’s Web site

The staff at NBC Bay Area must like CBS 5 anchor Ken Bastida’s “Good Question” segment a lot. How much? They re-wrote his script for a segment on Lake Merritt and posted it on the NBC11 website under the byline of Sajid Farooq. However, NBC Bay Area gave the competition full credit, even calling Bastida a “veteran reporter.” Here’s the second paragraph of NBC’s story: CBS 5 reporter Ken Bastida wondered just that and set out to dig up the

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New news director brings predictable change

Mitchell KNTV NBC Bay Area has a new news director, Jonathan Mitchell, from KHQ Spokane and, earlier, WNWO-TV, Toledo. Media blogger Rich Lieberman quotes one veteran in the San Jose newsroom as saying, “The new guy seems fine, but he’s very young and already requiring walk-and-talk standups, etc. We go through this every time someone new comes — somehow if we’re not sitting down, the ratings will go up. 😉 It’s not a big deal, but it’s just so predictable.”

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NBC will shoot 12 episodes of ‘Trauma’ in SF

Remember in April when a crew filming a pilot for a TV show staged a huge explosion on the I-280 bridge in San Francisco? NBC liked the pilot and has ordered 12 episodes of the medical drama series titled “Trauma.” The Chron says they will be filmed from July to mid-December in SF despite a last-minute hitch. The city had promised NBC a $600,000 rebate for shooting in the city, and then the Board of Supervisors took it away. That

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NBC closes Sacramento affiliates bureau

NBC is closing its Sacramento bureau which fed stories to KNTV Channel 11 and other stations. Here’s an e-mail LA Observed posted by reporter Mike Leury: The Sacramento Bureau is closing down this week. My photographer Mykie Vang and I want you to know how much we’ve enjoyed working with you over the past three years. As a reporter, you couldn’t ask for a better beat than to cover demonstrations at the Capitol, political campaigns for president and of course

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Bay Area’s Maddow is new MSNBC star

The newest star at MSNBC is Rachel Maddow, a graduate of Castro Valley High School and Stanford University, a former San Francisco ACT-UP activist and once a host on the Air America radio network. The Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli says Maddow’s “fledgling show offers a glimmer of hope that civil conversation could occur on cable, even during a political campaign in which the networks spend hours parsing the meaning of ‘lipstick on a pig.’” (Photo credit: Virginia Sherwood, NBC)

NBC11 says it’s entirely powered by wind

KNTV NBC11 reports that it has become the first television station in the U.S. to be powered by wind. “That means every bit of power used at the studios on the 2400 block of North First Street in San Jose is replaced on the grid by clean energy created by wind farms,” a release from the station says. The announcement comes one month after KGO-AM 810 announced it was installing solar panels at its transmitter site near the Dumbarton Bridge

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New leader for KNTV NBC 11

NBC Universal is moving KNTV NBC11 president and general manager Linda Sullivan to the same post at KNBC-TV Los Angeles. Replacing Sullivan at KNTV is Rich Cerussi, who was executive vp of the NBC station group’s national sales organization. Prior to that, Cerussi KNTV’s vp and station manager who was instrumental in moving KNTV from the Salinas-Monterey-San Jose market to San Francisco. The station became an NBC affiliate in January 2002 and was purchased four months later by NBC Universal.